Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. For the record:

    I am neither crotchety or crusty.

    I just have a low tolerance for dumb, ignorant, complacence, boring and lazy.

    I learn new s hit every day, and typically,..I'll integrate the new stuff I learn into something I'm working on.

    I will cop to having some worn out parts.

    The one that counts still works good though.:banana:

    I'm 56.
  2. You mean the one that's gets us in trouble lmao
  3. I'm 46 and climbing into the fox is starting to take it's toll, 56 is absolutely amazing. Good for you madmike, I hope I'll still give a damn about this stuff then.
  4. Old farts
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  5. I love this thread . tacos got
    Noobz mad . sorry Noobz they taste so good
  6. must be that time of the month
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  7. Clearly I'm an idiot, I drive a foxbody. That should have been your first clue. :p
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  8. Somehow I seemed to have avoided the buying of things that didn't work out well or removing of stuff that came with the car. Maybe it's inertia, since I am older that anyone else (68) including Madmike1157, or the fact that my wife spends all the money on the yard and garden before I can stake my claim.

    Sitting out in my garage are a bunch of things like a T/C rear axle with 3.55 gears and rear disk brakes, a Explorer/GT40 intake manifold and a set of Ford Racing shorty SS headers. Maybe some wintery day I'll take some time off and install them...If inertia and the Honey Do list don't gobble up my time and spare $$ first... :rolleyes:
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  9. Lol y'all some funny dudes and by the way I'm going to listen to the old guys because I'm 17 and I don't have money to waste lol I'm building on a Taco Bell budget lol.
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  10. Right when I thought I was the youngest someone comes along and proves me wrong. Anyway, I'm on a tight-ish budget as well. I refuse to change out my 2.73 gears :cool:
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  11. All you guys and the silly gears discussion!!! Is there no middle road??? Where is the humanity???
    I'm happy to be a middle aged member at 30 years old fwiw...
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  12. CLASS OF 01 TTFMF! haha
  13. You know it!!!
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  14. Old age and treachery will beat youth and exuberance everytime...
  15. Did I hear someone say Taco's?
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  16. Sure did, right after crotchety!
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  17. Crotchety Tacos it is then
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  18. Again... It was a joke. Didn't you see the Taco Bell sign in the pic?????

    Sucks when you gotta explain the joke. :nonono:
  19. Introducing.....................the WAFFLE TACO :banana::banana::banana:

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  20. Time to swing by taco bell again after work :fuss:

    The hunger is too much to deal with

    You guyz were right, the nacho cheese ones taste the best
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