Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. Havin turned 27 last week, all I have to say is the double decker taco is superior to anything else on the TB menu.


    My taco won't fall apart when you take a bite because it's wrapped in a safety net of beans and tortilla. Bam.
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  2. Wait ... Wait ... Waiitttt your 30??? Wow I can't be seen with you or Derek y'all would be crampin my style B) pahahahahahahaa and yes tacosssss taco taco taco and no to the crotchery taco that's kinda weird in a sense
  3. Hmmmm.... My name is Derek.... Am I too young and cramping your style?

    Btw, you guys need to stop talking about tacos! It's bad enough I come home and everyone wants some! :fuss:
  4. I missed the pic I suck . I had cool ranch tacos today though wooooo
  5. is this next to waffle twat in the urban dictionary ? lol
  6. waffle twat... do tell
  7. Blue waffle?
  8. I'm taking my ball and going home... :( @srtthis
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  9. as long as we stop and get pizza first...

    welp i just puked

    thats twatwaffle
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  10. Fish taco??o_O My son worked @ the Bell for 6months. I love tacos but after eating them a lot I really found out about the necessity of public bathrooms.
  11. Not anyone I"VE ever seen..lol
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