Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. In an attempt to not get into what could be the silliest argument ever on the internet, my reply simply is...

    Drag Radials, or any tire stickier than the stock one.
  2. You're in luck. There's a team of Doritos Tacos Ooompa Loopas that are on staff 24/7 and nearby.
  3. if thats the case... im going to smoke a few briskets to get you to do my cage!
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  4. Thanks... Got that piece covered. :nice:

    My only point is that it's a balancing act. There's no one gear solution that fits every combo. Though I realize that it has become modder custom to just add steeper gearing, that's not the only solution. By the same token, adding steeper gear doesn't automatically equate to being faster.

    On the occasion that I DO get to the track, I'm currently setup to trap at the top of third. Sometimes (depending on conditions) I'll get into fourth. This is on a 2:73 gear, roughly 580 ft/lbs of torque just off idle, and drag radials along with the 4 link suspension and a set of street shocks (Tokico Blues), and driving the ragged edge of traction pretty much then entire way down the track.

    Though I can certainly use some suspension improvement, that alone will not solve the issue (I've done the 50/50 and 90/10... I'm over it).

    Perhaps mini-tubs. :D

    For what it's worth, I'm looking for a good balance for what is a pretty mean street combo. With that in mind, I've no reason that I can come up with to go with a steeper gear.

    With those conditions given, I have to agree with the OP that gears are overrated.
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  5. I heard about free tacos again .......
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  6. Not free... There's labor involved. :ninja:
  7. :nonono: I don't agree with the op other than the fact that you can be over geared as much as under geared. There is always an optimal ratio for every application. In Noobz car I would assume a little more gear/proper suspension/tire combo would fit his demands. With an engine combo that is already making 580# tq gear multiplication isn't a need for the street. I have had 4 fox bodys with minor bolt ons that I added steeper gears(3 had 3.73-1 had 3.55). They all ran better after the change. For the avg fox owner a steeper gear is well worth it IMHO especially 2.73's(they absolutely suck!!)
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  8. you jerks really got me craving taco bell now, and this thread got me thinking about how much i like my 4.30 gears, and how much i miss banging gears, and how cold it is.

    so now i sit here, with no tacos, and no car to beat on at lunch time. :(
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  9. h46BD1A9F.jpg

    I'm hungry too....
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  10. If it's any consolation at all... I'm in the process of making Carne Asada Burritos complete with marinated skirt steak. Today is Wed... The beans should be ready by Friday.
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  11. @Noobz347 nick loves tacos and can eat a lot it may be cheaper to pay cash then locos tacos @84Ttop and @90lxcoupe I know this cold weather really sucks can't even put the valve covers on that nick made me for my car :mad: stupid snow
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  12. well being all stock except suspension and with factory 3.08 and t5 i dont regret any of my mods LOL

    i will however trade these for tfs 190 56cc 11r heads

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014 122906 PM.jpg
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  13. No love here?
  14. quityer****in.... you should be schoolin fools on EFI systems.
    and damn it want some tacos now!
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  15. Anything with the words ACCELL, MSD, POWERDYNE, and 160 thermostats
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  16. My 4:30-4:56s are just going to be silly then.
  17. I caved and went to taco bell for lunch, and it was delicious.
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  18. Not swapping in an lsx....
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  19. You recommend to not not swap an lsx?
  20. That's kinda like wearing white after Labor Day it's wrong but everyone still does it
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