Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. There is no problem when you have 3 1/2" bullets.
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  2. Oh look another thread where gearbanger tries to shove an opinion down everyones throat and then when people with real world experience on said opinion chime in he tries to belittle them until they give up and then he thinks he is right.

    Again, racecraft k-member, 1100 miles in one week, no clunks clicks ticks or bangs. Im not senile, or delusional either.

    yup racecar all day, spool, faceplated transmission, cage, no power steering, no factory vagina, kirkey seats(that all my passengers fall asleep in) all racecar SHlT
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  3. if my QA1 stuff makes noise i cant hear it over my exhaust anyway
  4. Whhaaaaaa.....Gearbanger's being mean to me. I think I'll throw a fit.

    ....plenty of personal experience pal. Solid, urethane and or spherical bushings or rod ends and tubular metal vs factory rubber bushings and thick, heavy solid, vibration dampening, resonance reducing steel. No contest as to which one is more street friendly.

    Judging by your attitude and the rest of the car, you're the earlier type I was mentioning with the Type-A personality who's decided to live with the compromise in the quest for performance and thinks everyone else is a **** because they would rather not. God, you're such a manly man! You must shave with rubbing alcohol and a rusty lawn mower blade. I bow to your superior levels of testosterone.

    Your macho demeanor amuses me. :rlaugh:
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  5. Yeah... You should sell your pile and buy a Rolls. :)
  6. How about this one that looks like it's been made love to by a Nissan 370Z?

  7. Yes, i compromise things for the car to be faster, but im not delusional and ignoring whats really happening like you suggested earlier. @MRaburn what is the MOD application like around this place and how does someone that constantly slings mud at anyone with a different opinion become one?

    Just to clarify, my car runs on pump gas, because i save the race gas for shaving, but i dont use rusty blades, thats just dumb.
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  8. You're a funny guy Jeff. This always seems to be your MO where I'm concerned. I post something you don't agree with, you argue, I argue back and elaborate my point and I'm all of the sudden picking on you, slinging mud in your eye and trying to jam my opinion down everyone's throat. You go from zero to exaggerate in the blink of an eye. I know....why don't we call Dad in on this one. :rolleyes: I gotta say man, you're certainly the most thinned skinned internet tough guy I've ever seen

    Quite frankly, I don't care what you do with your car....but just because you are able to live with compromises in the name of winning trophies and impressing your buds, doesn't mean those people who aren't are saddles with "factory vagina's" because of it. Take a look at the premise of this thread....differing opinions are exactly what's being asked. Some people think factory K-members are an essential mod and fine for the street, others don't. I don't...I back my reasoning and that is that. Who cares....move on!
  9. Uh oh. Went and kicked the hornets nest.
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  10. Internet tough guy, thats a first being called that. I just call it like i see it. I see BS, and call it. It wasnt an issue of thinking if K members were an essential mod either(i do not think they are), it was more like you said they DO this, when they really dont, if you use the right parts. Maybe you just never have been in the car with the correct parts. You havent gotten under my skin yet, but you seem to be trying pretty hard with all the machismo comments. I still cry when mick dies in rocky III
  11. Alright, I'll retract the internet tough guy comment....but you certainly do come off with a "brashish" kind of attitude at times. Not all the time, but you certainly do seem to make it a point to spend your reserves on me when you feel the opportunity presents itself though.

    It's fine though....I'm a big boy, with broad shoulders. I can take it. You can't be as opinionated as I am and not expect to ruffle a few feathers.

    Who didn't? :shrug:
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  12. i have to pee pee
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  13. Well, I live in Indianapolis. The roads look like they got carpet bombed. I still don't have any noise what so ever. Maybe your buddies never actually tightened them up all the way?

    Im still cornfused about how a welded piece of tube will make it louder?
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  14. Can't we go back to arguing about gears? I don't have a dog in the "kmember" fight. o_O
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  15. Everyone knows the first mod SHOULD be a tubular K...

    That way you can do an LS swap
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  16. I don't think the k member knocks off 100lbs. I took mine off, along with going to coil overs. That would mean the new k member weight close to zero.
    Calculate how much it costs to do a quality k member setup, then see what that number would get you in hp with better parts on the engine.
    Most times the hp will easily give you more gains than the k member.

    I see the k member as more of a end of the line modification, where you have gone as far as you are going to go with the rest of the car and you are just looking to spend a few bucks and work on something. Certainly not a mod for someone with gt40p heads.

    I also have never seen a stock k member cracked or bent (from a car that wasn't in an accident) but i've seen all kinds of busted up tubular k members.
    Other than the griggs and MM, they are all also weaker than the stock k member. People spend so much time stiffening up their suspension, then they swap out one of the strongest parts with something half as rigid.

    The tubular k member has it's place, and that place is the drag strip and in a straight line.
    Even then, crash land one after a wheel stand and see what it looks like.
  17. I'd really like to see some proof behind this claim
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  18. This is like the Kobayashi Maru..............the no win scenario. This is where the theory of relativity comes into play. Based on Gearbanger101's point of view relative to the question, the answer can only be one way, whereas 90lxcoupe see's things from a completely different position relative to the question, and thus he is right. Personally I do not see any Fox Mustang owners bragging about the ride quality (in terms of comfort) of the car. It is not the type of car where one would normally care about such things as chassis NVH. Does not mean they are all rattle traps, but I don't think it is foremost in the average Fox Mustang owners mind. We all (a relative statement) have other rides that provide the comfort we want when we want it.