Porsche Cayenne S + hot women

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  1. so this is like the 5th time ive seen the porsche suv and this time it was like oxford white i believe or somethig like that and 2 hot women in there. i was like omg. it was cool b/c she was teasing with me and would out right run with me. but when she stepped on it behind me she came up strong and passed me, i didnt step on it or anyhtng b/c i couldnt hear them comming, only the hum when the were right next to me(plus i have an ear infection in my right ear.) but yeah those are nice i want one.
  2. They are like 50 year old women, that have doctors for husbands so they can afford them botox injections so they look 25 all over again. Rich people....

  3. Those things are an abomination of all that is Porsche. I'm playing it smart...

    I'm waiting for a Ferrari cube van.
  4. I also like those things, plus hot women in them would be nice :D
  5. I see those things alot but the turbo S version is the best v8tt....btw Ferrari was working on a 4 door car not to long ago....and lambergine came up with a new slogan.

    "Lambergine We'll never build an SUV"

  6. Its a little late for that they built one in the early 80's but I cant remember the name of it. But I do like the Cayenne + hot women. I would rather have a GT4 though, if I could afford it.

    Found it they made 2, 1977 Cheetah, 1991 LM002, 1984 LM002
  7. Maybe it was ferrari that used that quote...because not that i think about i rember hearing about the lambo hummer thing
  8. Do not be surprised if Lamborghini follows suit and makes a SUV. My dad has a 4x4 tractor made by Lamborghini under the name SAME (pronounced Sah-mee). Its just like any other tractor but it will do around 40mph on the highway (8 fwd gears). It has turn signals and even a license plate frame. Its legal to drive on highways in Italy... as a vehicle. You should see the look on the UPS man when you have to sign for a crate of parts from Lamborghini.
  9. All right guys. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Lamborghini has already built an SUV. They were called the LM001 and LM002 and produced in the early 80's. Check out the link for pictures, descriptions and specs. Also, Porsche does not build a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. They build the Cayenne(anemic V6), Cayenne S(340hp, 4.5 Liter V8) and the Turbo(450bhp, 450lbft, 4.5 Liter V8) and 0-60 in under 5.5 seconds!! Ferrari is now the largest sports cars only manufacturer. Anyone who doubts Porsches decision to build an SUV should look at it's sales numbers in the fact that they have doubled since this vehicle was released. Should you ever get a chance to drive one, I highly recommend it. You will be very pleased. I can't believe how capable they are off road with their locking diffs, gear reduction, hill holding ability, etc. BADD ASS. And no, I could never afford one so don't think I'm a rich prick, I've just been lucky to be around a few Porsche owners.

  10. hahah dude i saw alot of hot women driving Cayenne 2, some old rich coksuckahz.