Ported PI Heads with VT stage 2 cams

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  1. Im selling the heads off of my 04 mustang gt 2V they sound sweet they have been hand ported and Have VT stage 2 cams with manley springs going to a different setup so if anyone is interested PM Me im going to ask $1000 OBO and i also have a teksid block great shape has two cylinders with a some small scars but a 20 over bore would take car of that? 400 OBO for the block and i also have a 03 Cobra crank in great shape 350 OBO for the crank
    P.S. the heads are still in the car so if you want PM me and ill shoot you my number to here the car!!
  2. Title edited to reflect your update
  3. I am interested

    Will I have to buy cam gears for these? I really like the sound of the vt stage 2 cams. How large have the heads been ported? Also will these work with a stock bottom end and pistons? Are there any vtp clearance issues? Will I need a sct tuner to have these work properly? Thanks
  4. heads an cams

    Are these heads and cams still for sale very interested if they would work on my 97 gt
  5. Is these heads still for sale? Very Interested. Call me at 347-526-7404.
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