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  1. How can you be so sure?

    Just joking. I must've gotten information overload and forgot about that link. Before I order I need to order some pads don't I? What should I get fromthis
    I assume I should go ahead and get pads from the coastal tool while I am ordering the PC. I don't know if it makes any difference but I have a new black car and want the deepest shine. thanks for your input then I will order.
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  2. Absolutly not if I'm reading that right they want $17.50 a pad thats nuts. The cheapest pads I've found are HERE and Lake Counrty pads are not inferior pads they are one of the highest rated pads on the market. Megs also has some good pads as well for the same price as the LC pads. Whats different you may ask, well the fact the Danase.com has a coupon code for 10% off your total is the diffence. I know what your thinking.....WTF is it then lol Autopia is the copoun code.
  3. pads

    I know this is getting monotonous but I don't even know what a machine glaze is. I am putting the polish on with a machine, right?
    I dont know which color pads I need. and do yo uusually go through more than one pad when you are waxing or waxing off (polishing/polishing off)?

    I gues I could get a couple greens ones one for on and on for off? or does the PC do a better job of putting it on than by hand or what?

    anyway I ordered the PC thanks
    now what from the below do I need
    Choose from our lineup of high performance foams:

    Yellow Cutting Foam (Heavy Duty Compounds)

    Orange Light Cutting Foam (Light Duty Compounds)

    Green Dual Purpose Foam (Coumpounds & Polishes)

    White Polishing Foam (Polishes)

    Black Finishing Foam (Machine Glazes)

    Blue Final Finishing Foam (Final Step Waxes & Sealants)
  4. Machine glazes is just another term for a hand glaze. Also just match the pad to whatever product you're using. What I use is the orange pade for my Light cutting/duty compounds (http://www.danase.com/powosuswre25.html), I use my White pads for my polishes (http://www.danase.com/powosuswre.html), and my black pad for my glazes (http://www.danase.com/clvamowaxhag.html). I normally just use a clean foam pad to apply my wax or sealant but you can use the Blue pad to apply them. It will make it easier to apply your wax/sealant in a thin uniform layer.
  5. For whatever reason the links provided keep taking to the the main page so let me recap
    Orange pad I use Poorboys SSR 2.5 swirl remover
    White polishing pad PB SSR 1 polish
    Black Pad Clearkotes Vanilla Moose Hand Glaze.
  6. I just reread autopia and Megs How tos but still havent figured out if one pad will be enough to do my car or do I need to get 2 pads so I can change uot or what. I mean one to put on and one to take off or what.
    I just read on autopia that you're supposed to polish then wax. Ithought it was one or the other. This is getting so tiring and confusing. I guess van. moose had glaze is a wax. And I used Meg's nxt tech wax last time. I guess I ws supposed to polish it first.

    Anyway does washing it then Meg Tech Wax paste, then buffing it with microfiber and nxt gen detailing spray sound accepatable. That is what I did last time. As far as I can tell it could be sacriledge. I am more confused now than ever. If I just do what I wrote above (at least until I run out of this stuff I bought), would a single white (to wax on) and a single black (to take it off) work or would I need more or would I need different?
  8. last few questions on whole 9 yards

    I got my PC last week and ordered yellow black and white pads from that place you posted. Where do you get VM polish? autozone doesnt carry it here. they do carry the mothers clay with wax and detail spray though. which brings me to my last question the clay box says the clay is good for 3 cars I guess that means after using it three times it is trash and I have to get another one?
  9. Congrats
    Here Also check out what Clearkote and a PC did for this stang
    Mothers clay bar is 2.82 oz. you can get to use it up to four cars (unless they are really screwded) by cutting the bar in to 1/4 and use on peice for each car. You only need to clay your car twice a year, so the cost is very little spread through 2 years.
  10. That's an awesome shine!

    Proof that all the OTC Store bought products are a waste of time.

    I'm using
    Clay Magic
    Meguiar's #82 SFP (swirl free polish)
    S100 SEC (shine enhancing cleanser)
    Meguiar's NXT (for sealant)