Porting question....need some opinions:o)

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  1. hey ive been porting the outlets on my turbo head...i found a water jaket !(*i wasnt nearly as excited as i sound)... i guess i found what "too far" means...anyways i made a small hole and decided patch it up with my arc welder..well i coverd the hole pretty well and grinded it down so its only a small lump(pretty much less of an obstruction that what i already took out). I was wondering how u know what is too "thin" of a vavle wall when porting. I mean i have it down pretty good in a few spaces now that i look at it, how thick should it be to hold? basicly any good porting ideas/opinion/tips would be welcome. This is not first time porting, just my first time making my 5th exhuast port hole :rlaugh:
  2. Ive a few people say cut one of you old cracked heads in half then you can see how much thicknees you have to work with. my bandsaw wouldnt take that treatment.

    was this on a D-port? or an oval? I plan to port an oval soon any pics of what youve done?

  3. this is a d-port, though i have heard rumors that the oval flows better stock.pic...well probly tomorrw, gotta barrow a dig camera.
  4. I hate to say it but if you hit water out near where the exhaust manifold bolts on then you are doing more harm than good. I bet the head flows worse now than stock...sorry.

    I'm just saying this because the ports should be straight, not bell mouthed at the inlet/outlet....that is horrible for flow.

    How do you know when you are getting too thin? You don't.

  5. Ditto. Also, the ports don't even need work, unshrouding the valves are what's really important.
  6. maybe my post didnt really clarify , i didnt work on the "ports" i was doing bowl work around the vavle stem, evening up the side with the casting bump that connects to the stem. I highly doubt i did any harm in the flow department, i guess i need to post some pics so u guys know what im trying to talk about :rolleyes: