POSER...not even a wanna be

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  1. I don't even know where to begin. I know that there are a lot of V6 owners out there, and it doesn't matter if you drive a V6 or a V8, everyone likes to mod their cars. I have to say one thing though. If you have a V6, add the performance mods first. This is just my opinion, and here's my story.

    I live in a really small military town, so anytime there's a new Cobra or Vette around, it gets noticed. While leaving home this am, I look across the intersection to see Cobra fog lights and and little shiney snake staring at me. My first thought was, sweet...another badass car in town. I turn down the radio to hear this thing scream by, and WTF. Well, that's when I noticed the V6 hood, and no exhaust note whatsoever. As it passed, I also noticed that it had the V6 rear bumper and the wee little turn down pipe on the driver's side.

    Is it just me, or should this chick have spent her Cobra bumper money on some Flows or something first? Maybe she bought it like that. I don't know, but that car wasn't even a wanna be...it was a straight up poser. I don't mind seeing Cobra, Roush or Saleen parts on a nice car, but make with the speed first. Well, let me know your thoughts.
  2. you would think they would be embarrassed when someone pulled up beside them and revvved up thier engine, only to be left behind in the dust of an import... KEEP THE FAITH, MAKE SOME HORSES FIRST.
  3. I got it, dont buy a v6 mustang there is no point in fixing it up. so just buy a real v8 stang!!!
  4. She could have damaged her front bumper like i did. There is no excuse for rebadging a car however. That is very gay. I would never put cobra badges on a v6 or gt.
  5. she should sit on my lap and i will punish her.
  6. SARCASIM... just one thing no-one charges for ...
  7. Devil's Advocate:

    This same principle can be applied to standard GT owners who choose to apply Roush, Saleen, Steeda, Cobra, Mach1, et al appliqué to their cars. Are they posers as well?
  8. The only standard GT's i have seen are on the showroom floors... They hardly ever stay that way long.
  9. In a way they are, unless that person adds alot of steeda/roush equipment to his or her car.
    But under no circumstance should any non Cobra owner have a Cobra emblem applied to its car.

  10. they are posers.. No gt should have mach1 or cobra badges on it.. I may consider it non poser only if the GT has a cobra motor in it and runs FASTER than a stock cobra.
  11. I agree with you there. It's like a whore wearing a cross around her neck.

    It's fun to debate these things; if we all agreed, the world would be a complete snore every day. :)

    Next step:
    A GT owner has a Mach1 chin spoiler. Is that a poser mod?
  12. No. Its only when you do the badges IMHO.
  13. Here's my pet-peeve with respect to the topic at hand .. when people with V6 stangs put 'dual exhaust' on them. Why God Why?

    The emblems ... posers. I see your point though .. the sixers could put some name brand crap on their engine, therefore making it not as gay to put the emblems on ... Way I see it; If you have a car that is slow, do not put stickers and emblems on it that would make others think it's fast. If it is kinda fast (14's and below) .. maybe.

    Kinda :OT:
    Hell, I got beat one time by a guy with a V6 that was so stock looking, it even had those damn hub caps. Well, he had a turbo and some serious engine work done .. he was running like 13.5 or something and at the time I was stock with exhaust (98 GT) running 14.6. I thought I was going to light my car on fire when that biscuit passed me .. I made him pull over so I could see why I lost and to be honest, I didn't know how to feel about his car. I mean, he could have bought a GT or Cobra, kept it stock looking, and done the same work and really stomped my ass!! ... It's all subjective. :)
  14. POINT TAKEN... i have seen v-6 stangs with twins that can blow the windows out of some but not all Cobras... i have respect for those who know how to smoke-up those v-6 stangs....
  15. well i bought my car with cobra badges because i didnt pay that much for it and it was pretty fast.
    View attachment 471300

    And then i took all the badges off (not pictured I have the 99-04 GT badges on it)
    Still waiting on running pony for the front.

    After So far:
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    I am still using the cobra bumper cause it looks purrty

    But no...you should not badge your car if it is not one because you end up like me having to explain to everyone that its not a cobra.
  16. yeah I sort of had a few thoughts about getting that cobra hood, cause cobras come with them...and I don't have a cobra... but I have no need or want to put the badging on it... even if I get the cobra front bumper at some point.. I'll still have the same badges or others but not cobras... cause I don't have a cobra.
  17. Well, my main point wasn't that she had a Cobra fascia on the car. It was that, combined with the snake emblem in the grill. It may have even had them on the sides. At first, I was thinking that she went with a semi-sleeper look, but that's why I waiting to hear the exhaust. There was no spolier on the car either. I can't say much, cause I have a few things on my car that aren't GT specific, but at least I've worked under the hood and under the car a little first. I've thought about the Cobra hood and bumper, but like I said, that's after performance mods.

    On another WTF that I saw at lunch. How about a newer model Nissan Altima with Cherry bombs? I guess he took them off his 64 Impala or something.
  18. I like being able to tell people that I have a cobra motor in my GT that looks like a V-6!

    I was even tempted to put a dummy V-6 pipe coming out the back but when you hear the car you would call:bs:
  19. In this case I agree. Would never put Cobra badges on my car, but, in some cases, it's justified to make a car look more badass than it is, I was just starting on performance when my husband hit me with "I'll get you the tune and shifter you want for Easter, OR I'll get you the hood you want and if you agree to not put money into hp for now, you can get a 351W and twin turbos when the car is paid off, and you can instead get body and suspension mods until then, but no sense in putting money into a setup that's coming out in a couple years." Took me about 2 seconds to decide, and the cowl hood is on order. I can live with what I've got (though it's killing me not to get the pulleys and tune, but I'm thinking I can get him to agree to the tune soon), knowing what the payoff will be.
  20. I have mach 1 parts (more to come) on my car but all badges are stock GT and that’s how she will stay. I may like the looks of a mach 1 but if you pulled up behind me you would see the GT badge. If you where coming towards me I have the stock GT grill and hood so you would still know I’m running a GT. I would say as long as you don’t put the badges on you are good to go but a V6 with cobra badges, that’s just not right.