POSER...not even a wanna be

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  2. There are other makes/models that have V6 powerplants, dual exhaust, and "bigger brothers" that have optional V8's. Some are even luxury models. What do you think of those?
    I'm with you and love the appearance of your car, but...the enthusiast knows the difference between your GT and a Mach1, but does a stanger to Mustangs? To them, if it looks like a Mach1, it likely is one.
  3. I'll just go along with whatever everyone else says. Let's just all get along.

    But really...if you have a GT....put on a Steeda body kit...and make some suspension mods....don't you pretty much have a Steeda? I know its not numbered and built by Steeda but if you put all the same parts on.....its going to be about the same car. But....BUT....I'd rather see a V6 mustang with a Cobra badge than a Honda Civic with a 4.6L badge!
  4. I agree. When I post, I'm not trying to stir the pot for hostility's sake. I just want to throw some perspective out there. ;)
  5. +1

    I live in a small town of like 6k, so I pretty much have seen all the other local mustangs. There is this one guy in my town, you want to talk about a poser? He has a 96 Blue GT with cobra badges, and the 96 cobra wheels. I was talking to him once, and he was like yeah I put a "Cobra Chip" in it and "A few other things" so its bascially a cobra. Of course he didnt want to run me...
  6. It's spelled Poseur

  7. I came up on a Roush the other night. I was looking for the GT twins at first and when I came closer I saw it was a Roush bumper...then along side...the side exhaust. Sweet...until he punched it to pace me...Stage 1 Roush. Not that I have anything against the V6 but he tried to pick on me and I put buslengths on him. THREE TIMES. On the 3rd time I just let him do the ricer flyby after smoking him.

    Technically I beat a Roush Mustang. Don't forget the Stage 1 is out there and pushing a 6 banger. Doesn't make it a poser.

    That said...I like the look of the Mach 1 and have bought a few Mach 1 items for my car. But I'd never badge it as such althouhg I have thought about the striping with Mock 1 instead. :p

  8. you care WAY to much about image... let the girl have what she likes... i plan on getting a CobraR front bumper/chin and hood because i like the look of them... also she may like the look of the little snakes and not know anything about what they are for... i do believe that it is fairly dumb to put the wrong badges on a car but my friend put the Bullit Badge on his 03 GT just to piss off people like you and he has a cobra bumper as well...

    i guess in your mind unless it came factory stock as it is then it shouldnt have those badges, i guess i should remove my GT badges from my car since ive put a JLT Intake on it and 40 series flows.... once i change my rear wheels i should probably take the 40th anniversry badges off since ive changed that...

    now... please stop being so worried about a girl who probably has a hot lookin stang :)

    AND :lock:
  9. in my home town there is a guy with a 00-03 v6 and i watched this transition
    bright gay green paint (way too green for a heterosexual)
    Walmart Fast n Furious wing
    Black Widow front bumper
    cobra rear bumper
    cobra badge on the grill but the side badges remained stock v-6
    then he put on like really shiny 22" bling blingers they had like fake diamonds or something
    finally he got rid of the gay wing and just for spite put on the
    00 cobra R wing
    i could never say anything to him though because i was afraid i would just walk up to him and say
    "Exmuse me...What did the five fingers say to the face..."