Possibility of a Motor and Trans specific section?

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  1. I would like to see a Specific place for engine build ups, mods and rebuild, as well as for trans swaps, upgrades and rebuilds.

    I know With my car (72) that a lot of the parts I'm using aren't era correct, and a good majority of the engine and trans tech isn't 100% model specific. It sure would make searching for engine and trans mods easier:nice:
  2. That kinda describes the whole forum? :scratch:
  3. how so? Everything is pretty well broke down by Model and year?

    It's a PITA to try and find info on a Fuel Injected 500hp 408 in the Classics forum, Where do I search? I can and have searched the entire forum, but come back with 100's of useless posts, same with trans setups and mods.

    Just my 2 cents
  4. That would be hard to define the right place where people would actually contribute cohesively. I see your point, just not sure how it would benefit your point. I will have to ponder it.
  5. Maybe have a Carb and EFI sub-section And a Manual and Auto sub-section. Just spitballing, I just think that there are lots of things that people might be missing because it's not in their Native forum. Maybe not, maybe I'm lazy and suck at searching. lol
  6. Creating the forum and structuring it won't really be a challenge IMO.

    BUT in the hierarchy of the forum structure, where do you put the Forum so that people will know to use it?

    Once we sort that out, I think having one Forum and then using Thread Pre-Fixes for each topic would be a nice way to do it.

    Engine Building >
    > Small Block
    >FE Motors

  7. My thought on this is that folks who are asking questions or creating build threads for a motor that they're putting together WOULD and DO post such things within the forums for their specific model year already.

    For instance: If I'm the owner of a 86 GT and I want to built a 500hp 408 to replace my tired motor, then I'm going to pose my questions in the respective forum so that I can get feedback from folks familiar with my car. Having said that, if the forum contained a SPECIFIC engine build forum (all motors for all years), do I choose to post my questions in that build forum where I might get general answers to the motor build itself, or do I post in a forum where I'm likely to get the tips and tricks specific to my car from people who have done the exact same thing to their car?

    What brings this to mind (off the top of my head) are some of the changes necessary for a Fox vs. what guys in the classic forums might need... A double hump oil pan, Serpantine system, Reverse rotation water pump, K-Member, etc...

    Don't get me wrong, I can see value in having an engine build forum (with a set of good step-by-step "how to" threads) but I wonder how many would post to it when they have the option of posting the same information in their own stomping ground for folks with like build requirements.
  8. I've got so many tasks in my brain right now with this upgrade I have confused myself.

    Can you outline what you think would work?

    Like structure wise?

    Fox 5.0 Tech
    > Engine Build

    > Engine Build


  9. I think this would be the answer. This way your search queries would pull motor build information from ANY forum whether you're looking for info from a pushrod or OHC motor. :nice:
  10. I can see how that would help a lot. Basically a pre filter for the search? I'm not familiar with prefixes.... So I could be misunderstanding.
  11. Nope you are thinking correctly.

    Now its a matter of what those pre-fixes should be, you want to narrow them as much as you can easiness.

    If you are thinking about Engine stuff, what tags (prefixes) would be needed/relevant?

  12. You got it right. It's a prefix that someone would select when creating the thread. then when you go to search the whole site, you will be to select and get results of ONLY those threads that have that prefix. IMO, it's a much more elegant solution to the kind of thing that your initial posts suggests. Folks can still post in their normal forum but the thread itself will be identified as an engine build thread. :nice:
  13. We can group these, so I plan to have a General group for tech forums.

    General >

    Engine Building >
    Big Block

    Classifieds >

    (these are already broken down by category so just need some general ones for Classifieds.

    Feel free to copy this list in replies and we can refine as we repost.
  14. I not Up on all my lingo, but I was thinking for the engine stuff you could do something like. Small Black (302 351), Big block, Mod motor and Fuel Injection And for Trans C4, C6, Aod 4r70w (I think that's right?) 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed.

    Classifieds WTB, Classic, MII, Fox, so on..... Then A Pay it Forward free+ shipping
  15. I haven't been here since the software upgrade. What happened to Classic Tech? Lumping everything into only classic talk really muddies up the questions. I read much more on tech at this stage in my build than talk and a tech question can easily get buried by the numerous general talk questions and die on the second page before being answered. Other sections have talk/ tech, how about some love for the classic crowd?

  16. The Classic Tech section hasn't gone anywhere. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/forums/classic-mustangs.5/

    Instead of being 2 steps deep, it's now one step deep. In other words: If you click on CLASSIC MUSTANGS from the COMMUNITY forum then you're in TECH. From there, you can choose to go into the TALK section. :nice:
  17. Ok, great so my saved link takes me straight into tech and the talk link is at the top. If I go into talk and read a few, there isn't a link at the top to go back to tech easily or am I missing something?
    Thanks for the quick reply,
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  19. I doubt it will get much traffic though. We have "Tuning" sections in 5.0 and in 94-95 the traffic is so light I'll move the threads asking for help into Tech. I've done the research, it's like 90% the threads will get answered once moved. I can see that happening if more boards are made. There are way too many sections on this forum as it is. This is just my opinion though.