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  1. Ok so I was browsing craigslist like I always do when I get board at almost 12 o'clock at night. So I found a mustang gt that seemed like it would be a good project. But I'm not sure if the money is right. My car's body is in way better condition so I would basically want to take everything off the gt and put it on the frame and body of my 2.3 N/A. So here's the link and let me know if its worth it. Thank you in advanced.


    1986 ford mustang gt
  2. $700 isn't bad if it's got the full dual exhaust and everything else.
  3. Yeah I would just have to save money and I'm not sure my parents would like a parts car in the drive way. But its a thought.
  4. It's definitely clapped out. But if it has a solid drivetrain, like I said, not a bad buy.