Possible Bad Rear Spring Or Springs?????

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  1. Just put on new tokico struts and shocks, ball joints , bushings, and endlinks about a month ago. I had a noise before that that I am still having now so I took it to the guy who did the work for me to have him give me his opinion on also why my car has a lean on the rear pass side. The hieght is not the same on both sides. I had this problem long time ago actually and now I guess since I just got those things fixed, its time to just get it all taken care of. I just wanted you guys opinon on if it's possible the springs have worn on the rear. He looked at yesterday and said he noticed that the rear springs did look sort of shabby when he did the work. On the pass side, the first 3 coils are like close as heck together if not touching. The other side looks fine but I guess it's a situation to might as well replace both.

    NOw back in about 05 I hit a curb with the driver's side front tire and had some work done. I had it to a frame shop to get pulled straight. I couldnt or didnt notice any visible damage and forgot why I ended up taking it to a frame shop. I noticed the guy had put a bolt in between the spring on the drivers side rear. I remember talking to him and he explained to me what all he did and could do. So now I'm just wondering what would have caused the spring on the pass side rear to be looking the way it is. The guy yesterday recommend just going ahead and getting 2 new rear springs and also we are going to check the bushings in the control arms on the rear. He said he dont remember them looking bad but there is a situation too where again I was send the wrong polyeurothane bushings for my control arms and since we already had the car up and started taking stuff apart, we just trimmed some off the bushings to make them fit and they have been in the car ever since. So we need to inspect all of those too.

    My main thing is what would have made that spring do that and if that's the main culprit?

    I traded a guy back in about 04 the V6 eibach's that I put on my car before the engine swap. I gotta check and see if he still has them but probably not good to put the v6 ones on there anyway huh?
  2. I was in a similar situation. Car accident, frame machine and the guy couldn't get it right for some reason.

    2 years later I find out that the front spring was broken and never replaced.

    Fast forward to now. The car was leaning to the left, One of the rear struts was blown and leaked out over the years.

    Now with all new springs and new rear shocks the car has a perfect 3 fingers from tire to fender all around.

    Easy way to check for blown strut / shock.
    Lift up the fender, if you can lift with easy and shake it around its blown. For springs you are going to have to visually inspect.

    I bought two rear shocks from rockauto on close out for 12each :)
  3. I just put on new struts and shocks and ball joints and bushings so should be good in that regard. I am going to go ahead and just get new rear springs and check the control arm bushings as well.

    I am going to call Eibach and see about them possibly giving me a discount towards the purchase of new rear springs or a warranty and if not I will go with the cheapest place i can get em from. At first i had kyb struts on car and monroe sensatrac shocks but i wanted to go with somethign a little more performance this time which is why i went with tokicos.
  4. Check the lower control arms, maybe a bolt is snapped. It may look like it is in place... I would check them.

    Also make sure the pig tails are facing the correct way on the rear LCA's tey can make the car slanted if not put on correctly.
  5. ok will do
    ok will do. I think though those LCA's cant go on but one way though ???

    i'm just gona get it up in the air on a lift and check everything good . I called Eibach and seems like they are going to warranty the springs so a new set should help too
  6. Im going to look at the design on the LCA's for you...
  7. They are flat the same as mine, under the rear spring install guide, I remember them telling you to point the pig tail a certain way on each of the LCA before compressing it back into the car. Or else the car will be higher or lower on one of the sides.

    The front springs have a grove cut into the A Arm, so that one is a no brainer.
  8. "The bottom pigtail points to the drivers side (for BOTH springs)."

    I knew I wasn't crazy.
  9. I will double check when i get in the air. See that is whats crazy cause everyone doesnt get that little tidbit of info, those special instructions. I hate when you buy stuff and run into mods and such that you have to figure out on your own that indeed things need to be modded.

    if you can post a pic and thanks.

    Also i was thinking you was referring to the pigtail of the springs themselves. I'm not aware of the LCA's pigtail from memory so will google and image
  10. Yes, I have been referring to the pigtail of the spring, have both left and right spring point toward the back driver size tire.

    I don't have any pic's but I can try to look online.
  11. so the ends of the pigtails would in essence be facing each other?
  12. it wont let me link, stupid... just copy and paste the text.
  13. thanks, and I'm bout to check that now. I hope its just a matter of fixing that because I'm sure the guy who put em on will charge me little or nothing to correct them and also it looks good that eibach might swap em out so I will get the new springs and just put them on if that's the case.
  14. ok what I found was that the spring on both rear side, the first few coils from top are so close together that I couldn't even make out where the pigtail was. I looked all around as far as I could and even felt around them and couldn't tell where they were. I'm thinking since I didn't feel them that possibly they both are facing toward the front of the car or somewhere in that area since I couldn't even feel it. All the bushings look fine so either the springs are weak or turned incorrectly or both. Bushings in arms look fine. I'm gona get back with Eibach tomorrow.

    the numbers on the springs are 3510.302 and 103082. Both of those numbers are on each spring and not side by side but one number on separate coils
  15. The pigtail you want to look at is on the bottom, not the top.
  16. Yeah i realized that when reading up some more on some stuff this morning. I did feel around the bottom too and was unble to see or really feel for the pigtail. I might have to actually look underneath the spring and try to see. But the way the spring looks as it's sitting up in there, it seems as if they are weak and/or worn and moreso the pass side. The drivers side might actually be ok. I sent eiback the info this mornnig and going to wait on their response. Will see if i can get some images