Engine Possible failing PCM or EGR?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by tierzu, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 94 mustang 3.8l that has a rough idle and no
    power until about ~2800 rpm. I already cleaned the
    MAF and IAT, replaced the fuel filter (whoever
    owned the car previously had the fuel filter on
    backwards), checked the spark plugs and plug
    wires, and cleaned the throttle body. I was viewing
    the data with the car running and the IAT and MAF
    seem to be working properly. The throttle position
    reads 14.26% closed and 86.23% fully open with the
    engine off, and between 14.12% and 14.52% with
    the engine idling. It seems to transition smoothly
    between ~14% and ~86% with the throttle going
    from closed to fully open. The harmonic balancer looks fine and doesn't wobble. The timing advance
    reads between 18 and 26 degrees with the engine
    idling. The check engine light never comes on, but
    every once in a while it'll read three codes: P00<D,
    B2TAE, and ROR. Other nonsense codes that have shown are POB88, B2ERR, and DAT. I was wondering first if the
    throttle percentages are in the right range, and if
    the codes which seem to be nonsense might be an
    indication that the PCM is bad or on its way out.

    Additional Information:
    The fuel flow
    rate read between 23-24 cc/min, not sure what that
    is in psi and there wasn't an option to change the
    unit of measurement. I don't believe it was able to
    read the fuel pressure. I had to adjust the screw on
    the throttle body to keep the car running with the
    IAC unplugged, got it to idle at about 650rpm. EGR
    error read at -100% and EGR command at 4.31%.
    Timing advance varied between 15 and 18 degrees.
    Vacuum pressure read at -12.5psi. The engine load
    was at 42% after first starting the engine and
    gradually went down to 20% as the engine warmed
    up. The engine temperature seemed to read
    correctly, and never went higher than about 195(F)
  2. 10 out of 10 times its the egr or the dpfe sensor. I went through the same crap on my 96 every thing read fine but ran like crud. also check the red and green hoses coming off the dpfe sensor the could possibly be clogged like mine were....... just put some rubber hoses on them in place an see if it runs better...... also take off the dpfe sensor harness plug an see if the idle changes, if no change then its the dpfe.