Possible heads and cam purchase

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  1. Ok, heres the deal. I'm going friday to check out some heads and figure out a price. Now heres all what comes with it... TFS Twisted Wedge Heads, TFS 1.6 stud mount roller rockers, pushrods or lifters (not sure which ones), and possibly a TFS Stage 1 Cam. The guy wants $950 for everything. I might be able to get him down to $900, or $900 without the cam so is this a good deal on allthe stuff? Everything has somewhere around 5000-6000miles on it. Tell me what you think if everything is in good condition... jump on it, let it pass, or not worth what hes asking and bring him down to what its worth.

    Heres some info about the cam:

    Characteristics Duration @ .050 in. (Degrees) 221 intake/225 exhaust

    Cam Lift (Intake/Exhaust) .312 in./.319 in.

    Valve Lift with 1.6 Rockers (Intake/Exhaust) .499 in./.510 in.

    Lobe Separation (Degrees) 112

    TFS-51402000 Good idle, strong midrange power. Aftermarket intake, heads, and headers recommended. Requires modified mass airflow. Compression ratio: 9:1 to 10.5:1.

    And heres some info about the heads:

    Combustion Chamber Volume 61cc

    Intake Port Volume 170cc

    Exhaust Port Volume 66cc

    Valve Sizes 2.02 in. (intake) 1.6 in. (exhaust)

    Valve Springs 1.470 in. Simgle Springs with Dampers

    Valve Locks 7 Degree Machined Steel

    Retainers Chromemoly Steel

    Rocker Studs ARP 3/8 in.

    Guideplates For 5/16 in. Hardened Pushrods
  2. I would not buy the cam. I'd look into a TFS stage 2 cam with those heads. You're going to need a nicely sized cam w/ 2.02 valves.
  3. I'd jump on it. I've heard mixed opinions on whether or not the stage 2 cam will clear the stock pistons with the TW head. I'm not a big fan of TW simply for the mess they created when they came out years back and many people dropped valves due to valve guide issues... it was enough to sour me on them for good as I don't like the idea of a valve flopping around on my piston. Rumors have it that the problems have been fixed, and I know a lot of guys that run them with no apparenet problems. I'f I were in your shoes and could inspect the heads, I'd probably get them. You can make some decent power with TW's.

  4. I have a few friends that run TW Heads w/ no Probs, yes there were Issues at first but they have been fixed, they were fixed long ago. Any TW Heads you buy now should be prob free.
  5. Yeh a lot of people say that, but it wasn't more than a year ago that my cousin was speaking with Jim Bell and he said that the problem still exist as its an inherent problem with the design of the valve layout, but with improved hardware, its a lot better now. Take that for what its worth. I know a lot of people have mixed feeling as to what comes out of Jim's mouth, but I thought I'd share it. Like I said, just about everyone I run around with runs TW heads on their cars and none of them have had any issues. Some have been running them for 4+ years, racing at the track, and putting down 460+rwhp and still have no problems, so like I said above, if they heads look to be in good shape, snag them.

    JFYI- I know a guy with a ~3200lb with driver fox body GT with the TF stage 1 cam, TW heads, and TF intake and he's running 12.7-12.8 at 108mph.
  6. Thanks for the information killer. I'm going to check them out good friday before I make my final decision but I'm not to sure what to do about the cam yet. I can get the TFS Stage 1 cam for cheap with the heads, or I could spend a couple hundred more and get a better cam.... For the money would it just be good to get the TFS cam instead of buying a new one? I have an edel performer, LT, h-pipe, and if I get the heads and cam I should see high 12's with a good run? Thats all I really need for my daily driver.
  7. its fine with that cam

    those heads with their angle are very unique and have limited clearance cause of the angle that allows 2.02s on stock pistons. they flow well and have good velocity
  8. 1105- if your able to get that good of a deal, why not concider a custom cam. Get ahold of White94 on the corral, he made 320/320 to the wheels with TW heads.FTI cam/?intake on the stock bottom end. If it was me, if I didn't go custom I'd just go with the stage 1 and be done with it.
  9. I think i'm just going to go with the stage 1 cam... I allready will owe my dad $400 after I buy the heads and it should perform well together with the heads.

    anyone know if it would be a good blower cam?