Possible Job Opening

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  1. Well I might be getting a 4-6 week job, breaking down shelves at a warehouse, and loading them into trucks, to be moved into other warehouses. Its 10 hours a day, for 4-6 weeks, at $19.00 a hour :D I'm 17 so that might be the determining factor, but if they start after i get out of school (May 18) I'll take a 4-6 week "break" from my other jobs (Movie Theater/Restraunt) and do this. I could make $5000+!!!:D:D

    I guess i dont really wanna get my hopes up, cause it might not work out, i'm going tomrrow to see, but if it does, thats $5000 that'll go into my car. I wont plan modding it up until i'm sure :D
  2. Thats good money, but be careful. They dont pay highwages for manual labor for something that is easy or non-dangerous.
  3. good luck man
  4. good luck....but the job is prob. gonna be the hardest thing you ever did........
  5. its worth it.
  6. Good luck I hope you get it that would be awesome
  7. I need to land me a job like that. I'm probably going to be getting laid off at my current job at a service station because some new ******* bought the property and wants to turn it into a dunkin doughnuts :notnice:
  8. yea i've currently had enough of my... uh... current.. job i'm tired of making crap money and working with hot waste oil all day (oil change place) i didnt go to school today (meh it's just a jc) so i think i'll go job hunting today
  9. Is it all Indian people running the Dunkin Donuts and 7-11's in Florida too?

  10. if this doesnt work out i really want to find a better job...i'm not making ANY money at the cinema and restraunt...the summer i'll make more than i am now...hopefully enough for heads and an intake and a little ZEX :D
  11. no... its all the indian people running the convient stores here now... besides where I work, 7-11's, and circle K's all of the other gas stations are run by the ****in indians. I refuse to get gas from one of them.
  12. 19$ an hour.. id be all over that :nice: I think I make a third of that :shrug: