Possible Long Tube Problems

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  1. I was thing of replacing my " stock exhaust manifolds/headers" on my stock 89 GT. first I was looking into the what seemed to be the easy shorty upgrade , but wonder about the possibility of putting LT's on instead. First I will have them installed so I would not be dealing with the garage install. I stick with what I know and what I my limits are, exhaust work isn't my area of expertise. I will have to get the matching X Or H installed at the same time so I will give someone the opportunity. So that being said, I have read about some interference the LT headers may cause. Have also seen different brands that claim to not interfere. Just figure my stock 5.0 has 54K right now so I could potentially bolt on some HP down the road, so why skimp now and if I later decide to drop something else in I could use the LT's and remaining exhaust. I read that the LT's have to be removed to change the clutch, and I'm sure that will be on my list of real soon replacements. I would rather bolt on the max HP I can just don't know if the LT's will hinder me until I get some more HP.
  2. Borla, Bassani, or Magnaflow. It sounds to me like you only want to buy it one time. If that's the case, I would choose from one of those three. I'd also look into a high-torque mini-starter to do at the same time as the swap.
  3. ^^^^...and from what i've learned they cause major heat on the DD firewall inside the cabin, I'd step up for coated ones to drop that heat.
  4. I did not have to remove my BBK 1 5/8" long tube headers to remove the clutch on my 89. I love long tubes, and have them on 2 of my 3 play toys. They do make more power and torque, but you will lose ground clearance. I also highly recommend the ceramic coating, they look so much better and remain so much cooler. The long tubes won't hinder anything except ground clearance, and the 1 5/8" tubes are good for the majority of 5.0 applications.
  5. Good to know from one 89 to another. I am assuming you have a 5 speed. Also did you install any special bolts for your BBK? I remember my last experience with LT's on my first car, a 68 mustang, I installed them with the motor out and was constantly retightening the bolts due to exhaust leaks. Of course that was @ 30 years ago.
  6. for an h/x or a cat back (maybe a shorty), sure, but these guys dont make long-tube headers for foxes (not unless its something new that you never hear about in forums).

    bbk and mac seem to be the most popular "bolt-on" style lt's, although hooker, kooks, and accufab all make them as well (the last three are $$$, and some require other mods). not having any personal experience with any of em, feel free to disregard, but ive heard good things about the fit of the bbk's, though the coating they use may be on the cheaper side. i would avoid the multi-flange macs just because they can be a pain to put back on if you ever have to take em off.

    as far as leaks and bolts go, just use a good gasket (i like the percys aluminum ones, but the fel-pro's can work too if the header is still perfectly straight), and some 1" long allen-head bolts help to avoid tool clearance issues.
  7. BBK LT's here. No clearance issues at all, anywhere. Close to the starter, but I've had no problems what so ever. I use Stage 8 locking header bolts with mine. Tighten from center, out. Drive, let cool overnight, repeat. Do this 3-times, then put on the locking clips and never look back. You'll want the 1" bolts.
  8. or use the new Proform locking header bolts, no clips necessary
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  9. u4e3u2e7.jpg no issues with clearance, maybe even better clearance than stock

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  10. nics hose :p
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  11. Yes, I do have a T-5 5 speed in the 89. I just used standard header bolts (with TF TW aluminum heads), and never had any issues with them. Never touched them and never had leaks until the center of the collectors rusted out after about 10 years of DD use in wonderful Ohio. Funny part was the headers still pretty much looked new except where they rusted out, that ceramic coating worked really well. Funny you mention your 68; on my 67 Cougar (with an FE), with Hooker headers, I cannot get the headers to seal on the front top on either side at all, and they always leak - it's irritating.
  12. try copper rtv

  13. It does seem like it gets harder and harder to find. I think you may be right about them not making them anymore.
  14. are those LT headers and if so what brand mine seem to hang alot lower than that
  15. iv ran the Mac LT's no problems, as said before get the ceramic coating. i also recommend using Mac's matching shorty H pipe.
  16. Mac long tubes for t5
  17. thanks