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  1. I have a 1993 Mustang LX with the 2.3 N/A and automatic transmission. Now on to the notchback. My brother is looking at getting this car and it seems like a pretty good little car. We are both pretty good mechanics, going to UTI in Chicago, IL. This mustang is a 1992 Mustang NotchBack with the same 2.3 N/A automatic. Now the only thing about it is that it doesn't go in over drive. The guy said that its a modulator valve and I've also read that it could be the transmission solenoid, which goes for about 70-80$ at autozone. It has the normal dings, missing a marker light, a dent behind the driver door, and needs seal on the filler neck but nothing crazy bad. I'm just wondering what you guys/gals think about this notchback. I can provide the link to the craigslist page if you want. Just let me know what you think. As always much appreciated. :SN:
  2. Are u guys buying up the 4cyl's for a special purpose lol or...??
  3. Lol no specific reason. He just needs something that is reliable being that we live in Indianapolis and like I said he's going to Chicago for school. So yeah buying them so that we can spend lots of money making them look good after boot camp. Haha.
  4. lol gotcha!
  5. Install a T5!
  6. Lol. I want a T5 in mine as well! I would enjoy my car so much more.
    Now I have question tca, I've heard that installing the T5 you need clutch assembly lines and that stuff. But to mount it to the 2.3, do you just need the correct bell housing?? This has always been one of the things that throw me off a bit.
  7. Ive seen worse for the money! These notches are gettin harder to find too!
  8. Yeah I like my LX hatch back. Its pretty nice. I just need to find a passenger side mirror, driver fender, and a driver side marker light.It needs work. I kind of thought that the notch backs seemed kind of common. :cool:
  9. I can't remember the last time I saw a coupe in person. About the only ones sold here were a few barebones models and the SSPs for CA Highway Patrol, but that doesn't make them any more desirable to me unless it's a 5.0LX. If I had $1200 to spend on reliable transportation, it probably wouldn't be that red car.
  10. For a complete T5 swap, you would need trans, bellhousing, flywheel, clutch kit, clutch fork, clutch cable assembly, clutch petal assembly, shifter, and I think that is about it. Also, your rear end gearing should be changed as well. I believe driveshaft legnth is the same, but I probably forgot some stuff also. Haven't done the swap myself, but I am about to do the swap for my friends '90 5.0.
  11. I'm sure that if you do a search on here you will be able to find threads of other people doing the swap. Hope this helps!
  12. Lol yeah I think I have already read about it. But I figured I would ask. THANK YOU!
  13. @65coupeclone Why wouldn't you buy that one exactly? Just don't like the notchs? I personally didn't like them either but after seeing a couple of super clean ones, I started to get used to the body style and like them a little bit more.
  14. Im also going to do the t5 swap as well, Im goin to hit the junkyards this weekend. A4ld is ok.....for now. Plus better gas mileage.

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  15. Yeah fastfox619 I would love to do the T5 swap but I leave for boot camp in 3 months and have no money, so it's something I have to put off for now. Btw I also have the EVO 3D. :)