Possible Trans-Continental Closet meeting?

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  1. Deanna and I are heading to Phoenix this weekend for a family gathering. We are trying to meet up with Stangdreamin' (Jimmy) while out there. Taking many years, but have met many of the "Closet" denziens, I still need to meet RealMongo and Andy.

    We'll keep you posted :jaw:

    (maybe when BBFCM gets married we'll have everyone come in?)
  2. ...and I'm still waiting for you to return to Lime Rock.

  3. My car has been banned from the track due to noise levels :mad:, but I may be back to teach next season. I'll keep you posted!
  4. They do make mufflers.
  5. For what they were tolerating, I would need humungous mufflers from a Lincoln to pass the decibel meters.

    Looks like we are meeting StangDreamin' Sat eve in Chamdler! Any other Closet Denziens local?
  6. And we met!!!!


    Just great meeting the man, the myth, the legend!

    Now to get he and Fritz (BBFCM) together......

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  7. I hope Jimmy did not have to buy all the drinks!
  8. Actually, Dan didn't let me buy even one round -it was wierd to say the least. But I am/will be properly grateful.... had a little extrafor mytrip to Cabela's the following morning. :D
  9. Glad to hear you had a great time!

    Reminds me of when I went out to Seattle and had the pleasure of meeting SuperDave, HungryMonkey, and Tylers65. What a great group of guys!
  10. So now that the meeting is over, did you all come out of the closet? :shrug:

  11. Nah, but we did manage to trench an extension of The Gutter to the lounge at the Crowne Pointe (is that pronounced "crown-y point-y"?) in Chandler.
  12. The ensuing earthquake might cause Kalifornia fall off into the sea!!!:rlaugh:
  13. you speak like thats a BAD thing?
  14. I've got family in Oakland.
  15. And I live in the Colorado River floodplain; right at the base of the San Andreas fault. Trying to get this house fixed up to sell so we can get some property with room for a shop and the horses behind the back yard; and "You can scuba dive in your own living room!" doesn't have that much attraction for potential buyers. :eek:
  16. No, no, no.....list your property as "waterfront"! That's always a big sell point here on the east coast!:rlaugh: