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  1. Hey guys I was talking to my dad about selling my 2003 Mustang and buying his 2005 Mustang GT from him. He told me that if I really wanted to sell my car he would sell me his Mustang for a good price. He said he would sell it to me for $7,000 which I think is a really good deal, even though I dont know what 2005-2009 Mustangs are selling for atm.

    Now the question I ask is would you buy the 2005 Mustang or should I keep my 2003 and supercharge it later down the road like I have always planned. If I do supercharge it it will probably be another 2 years at least and this car is my DD currently so I imagine another 25,000-30,000 miles on it by the time I can supercharge it.

    I can give you the info on both cars

    My car
    2003 Mustang GT Premium 5 speed manual
    The good
    - I have full length subframe connectors
    -New clutch/flywheel replaced at 118,000 miles
    -Has FR500 rims
    -3.73 gears
    - Maximum Motorsport cc plates
    - My exhaust upgrades
    - Have the handheld tuner from AM (needs a dyno tune to get better results than what I have form the mail order tune)
    - Tires are in good shape, may get another year out of them
    - Ive owned it since I got it with 68,000 miles and I know the cars history
    - Also the shocks and struts are fairly new

    The bad
    -Car has 121,000 miles on it currently
    -Fuel mileage isn't to great on the highway I get about 20- 21mpg. I believe it could get better but I haven't
    recieved any better results.
    - Rear bumper has been in an accident and is spider webbing but isn't noticeable.
    - Car has random rattles and squeaks
    - I replaced the A/C compressor, dryer, and cleaned the lines and ran a vacuum on it but it still leaks
    - The steering wheel is rather nasty due to age and use

    My dads car
    2005 Mustang GT Premium 5 speed manual

    He bought it brand new in 2005 so I know this car has been well taken care of.

    The good
    -A/C works really well
    -The interior has been redone completely by a custom shop
    - Car feels a lot better to drive and the 3v motor is just more refined feeling in every way
    - Gets 25mpg on the freeway at 75mph easily
    - Tires are brand new 245/45's all around
    - New shocks/Struts all around
    - Has light weight Centerline rims
    - Hurst short throw shifter
    - Upper and lower control arms have been replaced with GT500 ones
    - Ability to change the color of the speedometer is really awesome
    - He installed a Mac mid pipe and Mac catback exhaust recently (sounds really good but not too loud)

    The bad
    - The instrument cluster with the Fuel, Engine Temp, Voltage and the other gauge which I forget is do not function correctly. He has the parts to fix it but just hasn't done it yet, I would fix it myself if I got the car
    -The car has 146,000 miles on it right now
    - The front window seal howls and needs to be replaced
    - Being his DD it has some road scars but overall isn't to bad but the paint is not as good shape as my 2003

    I will get some pictures of both cars up soon, I just wanted to get a consensus on what y'all suggest. I probably will keep my 2003 because I really love the way it looks Im just tired of everybody hating on it bc its a 2v GT when I hang out at car meets.
  2. I apologize in advance for the size of the pictures....



    His car with the interior redone

    20130422_135942_zps645ed1a0.jpg 20130422_135749_zps134604f0.jpg

  3. Man, I don't know. They're both high miles. Yours already has the gears in it. If it were a Bullitt, Cali. Special, or anything Shelby I'd say go for it in a heartbeat. But GT for GT, I prefer the look of New Edge over early S197.

    The later cars drive a little easier but the I like the sometimes wild/erratic nature of the older cars. I'd say your car is probably a little quicker already. I vote for staying where you are at, enjoying what you got, maybe get the AC fixed. Save your cash and buy a 5.0 Coyote in a couple of years. That way you get the less mileage, better mpg, cold AC, good looks, better handling/braking and a ton of power. My 2 cents.
  4. I would keep yours. Your car is CLEAN, has lower miles, ad looks hell of lot better. Supercharging down the road and it'll be a COMPLETELY different animal, trust me. At least here in west Texas, the 05+ GT's FAAAAR outnumber new edge GTs. To be honest, Im tired of seeing S197's. Oh and you'll always sound better.
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  5. As someone who owned more than 1 Mustang at a time, you do lose focus in modding one when you drive another.

    If you really want both, go fir it, but i would just stick to one if you want to mod
  6. Hands down no questions keep the New Edge. I think they look better, and as stated before will always sound better/meaner with a good exhaust system. New Edges are starting to become long in the tooth so I'm always very impressed when I see a clean example of one. If there was one thing I'd do to your New Edge right now it would be to get rid of that 4x4 stance ASAP. I really love the stance H & R SS springs gave my 00', with deep dishes and 315's out back people often tell me my car resembles a Cobra at first glance. Also, I know it's purely subjective but the color on your Dad's 05' just doesn't do it for me, looks like a Cranberry.
  7. Thanks for all the responses so far, I appreciate the feedback.
    If I were to sell my GT would $7,500 be ok to ask if I get the A/C sorted out?