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  1. hey all, i've been a member on here for a while (when i had my 92 vert) and i may be back in the scene again. i've been kicking around this idea of getting another mustang. i've been looking at this 93 LX vert, and i wanted to get an opinion from you guys. basically the car seems pretty solid. one owner with appearantly no major problems. clean carfax, minor surface rust on r/f fender. only appearant issues is the a/c doesnt work & front seats need to be redone/replaced. i guess the major deciding factor is that the car does have high mileage (238+ on the clock). but the 5.0 satrts fine & sounds good at idle (no tags, so i can't drive it around). trans supposedly shifts fine, and there are no leaks under the car. everything else is completely stock. of course, i will drive it around the block prior to the potential purchase.

    i think i know the answer, but i wanted to get some enthusiasts opinions on whether or not i should purchase the car. i can get the car for $2000 (maybe a little less). im thinking it's a good base and with some work can be something really nice (even if down the road a new motor has to get put in). but what do you all think?
  2. Welcome back bro! :)
    I'm glad to hear you want to get other mustang.
    With that high of mileage and the condition of it
    honestly I would pass on that 93 LX because it
    will dollar you to death and you will end up loosing
    money on that car.I highly subjest getting a 94-98
    SN95 body style Ford Mustang GT instead.The best
    of luck though I hope you find a mustang you like.