Possibly buying a used 2010 GT500

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Ethereal Zer0, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all, my '94 Cobra just got wrecked this week and I'm in the market for a new one. I found a 2010 with 6k miles on it at a nearby dealer in Seattle and they want around 42k for it. It seems like a clean car, but I know this late in the year I can probably wait a bit and possibly get it for less. They don't want to budge much on price, and unfortunately I don't know enough about the GT500 to try to make any real arguments to help my case. Is there anything I should watch out for with this particular year and does this seem like a fair deal? Thanks for the replies!
  2. For that kinda money you should be able to pick up a low milage 2011. I f you like the car offer 40,000.00 OTD.
  3. lol that's actually the price I offered them when I was there, it's looking like we're gonna end up meeting in the middle at 41k. I'm trying to get them to install some 3.73s for free *cross fingers* to help sway me (which that will def push me over the edge :D). Thanks for the reply!
  4. I'm trying to get them to install some 3.73s. Makes a big difference, part of the SVT Package.
    2013 600 HP Plus, so they will move down to you, nothing is flying off the lots.
  5. So I found out it had pulley, tune, and eibach springs which were the mods I was planning on doing first (if that isn't a sign...) so I grabbed her! :fap: I am in love, she is a friggin' beast, and a beautiful one at that. Thanks guys, look forward to see ya all around!
  6. congrats and lets see a pic
  7. Stangnet won't let me =( apparently my pics are too large. I'll see if I can't post a photobucket link though.
  8. lol well my failure is confirmed at least. DAMN TECHNOLOGY! One day I'll understand the interwebs. I can e-mail it if someone volunteers to be smarter than I am, and post it for me lol.