Possibly detonation...help

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  1. :doh:
    Assuming the distributor has NEVER been out of the engine...
    Do you really believe that?
  2. Sorry for all the confusion guys. The bottom picture is MY engine, and the #1 plug wire is the one with the yellow line through it, nearest the manifold. I have since determined that this is NOT my problem.

    My plug wires are in the correct orientation, and my rotor is pointed at the #1 post when the crank is at TDC on the compression stroke.

    Side note!

    I put 5 gallons of premium fuel (93 octane) from BP in the car yesterday, and it ran like a champ. Occasionally I would get one "tick" or maybe two, but the audible detonation was gone. Put 5 gallons of standard grade (87 octane), in it today, and the detonation is back with a vengeance!

    I also ran it at 4* timing with 87 octane and STILL HAD DETONATION even at that low of timing!

    Thanks for bearing with me so far!
  3. Have you ever accessed the ECM?
  4. Not sure what you mean. I removed it the other day to look for an aftermarket tuning chip, which I dont think it has one.
  5. Have you checked for a vac leak? Enough unmetered air, and it will run lean. You will also have idle issues.
    Do you have any codes?
  6. No codes. Im going to make a smoker to check vacuum leaks tomorrow.
  7. I just had a eureka moment. Im staring at the engine of my car trying to figure out how Im gonna find this vacuum leak I KNOW it has. I dont want to pay a shop to use a $1200 machine to do it, so I do what any mechanic who smokes does. Sit down and light up a cigarette to think...Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I AM A SMOKE MACHINE! Bwahahahahaha... I have a bad EGR valve! FINALLY!!!

    DIY smoke machine 101-

    Step 1. Light cigarette
    Step 2. Hot box yourself and blow the smoke into the brake booster line with some force.
    Step 3. Find Vacuum leak!
    Step 4. Do happy dance!