Possibly The Ugliest Fox Body I've Ever Seen

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  1. They raping everybody out here
  2. As soon as I saw the pic, I said, "It must be from Jersey". :nonono:
  3. Its got PA a plate. He probably knows there's a better market in Jersey for that masterpiece.
  4. That was a high dollar kit back in the early 90s.
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  5. Red and white. Maybe I should change mine up to look like that...
  6. It's posted in Palm Beach Fla though . No price means they don't want to scare you away .
  7. it ugly as sin, but looks to be done nicely if that makes sense :cool:
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  8. I remember those body kits advertised in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Mag. about 20 years ago. I thought no way then, still think the same today.
  9. Those kits were really meant as race car material .
  10. Not my cup of tea but sure as hell AIN'T the ugliest Foxbody I've seen! I think it looks pretty good:shrug:
  11. Agreed, that's actually really tasteful and clean for what it is. It may not be a cookie cutter Fox, but you're basically getting into kit car status at this point.

    I'd change the taillights and spoiler, and maybe also the fake roll bar and I have mixed feelings on the tonneau cover, but otherwise I'd drive it. There have been much, much worse Foxes to appear in threads like these.
  12. No doubt...like it or not, that car/kit was outrageous and everyone lusted after it back in the day. 5.0 did an entire issue on crazy wide body kits and that one was the feature if I remember right.
  13. There is a guy on corral building/modifying a car with this kit and it is looking to be a killer. He's working out the cut and paste kinks to streamline all the built on defects of the kit to make a wide bodied screamer. If he could convert the chassis for a mid engine set up it could compete as a supercar. Love it or hate it this kit allows modifications to the Fox chassis that will launch it to another performance level.
  14. I don't like how the front end looks..... but other then that I can see how someone might like it as well as put it in another performance level
  15. It's not the wide body part that I mind. It's the nose of that thing that would give me nightmares.
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  16. It does kind of look like a Mustang and a Thunderbird had a bastard love child who then had their upper lip pierced with two misproportioned and misplaced fog lights.
  17. Link?
  18. It's the old MPH body kit.
    Lose those tailights for some cobras or lx's, ditch the chrome gas cap cover and eliminate the fogs in the center of the front bumper and it would be ok.

    I've seen it in 100% black and it looks pretty decent. Much better with a hardtop.

    By far not the worst mustang ever.