Possibly The Ugliest Fox Body I've Ever Seen

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  1. It's the "hips" that I dislike.
  2. I feel so relieved right about now. I saw ugliest fox thread and half expected you guys to be breaking my balls with a picture of my junker.
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  3. GTA Mustang . 1989_Ford_Mustang_JBA_Dominator_GTA_Modified_Fox_Chassis_5.0_LX_For_Sale_On_Track_1.jpg

    They look right running on a track .
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  4. Another track car .



    Yes , way better on the track .

    Really out of place on the street IMO .

  5. just put a bag over it and go about your business ;)

  6. It's not whether it's on the track or street that kills it... Here's the missing equation that I find it impossible to impart to others... It's really not an "age" thing as scientists had previously believed. It's an equation that you're born to understand or born to NOT understand. The equation is this:

    Take any good idea; subtract common sense then add equal parts douche-baggery and rice.

    THAT's when you get results that look like the car at the very top of the thread. I'm not all that crazy about the yellow one either. Some dummy with zero sense of style went about trying to make a car he/she/it thought was badass, and failed.

    The red and the black one are both chit hawt. :drool:

    Douchebags are not hard to spot. Use Goggle Image results if having a difficult time picking them out. They usually have their hats on backwards and their trousers hanging below their asses.
  7. Douchebags are not hard to spot. Use Goggle Image results if having a difficult time picking them out. Theyusually have their hats on backwards and their trousers hanging below their asses.
    And to complete the ensemble; an "Alfa" male attitude and an Ed Hardy type t
  8. I do like the Capri's with the Mustang nose and tail lights though . When was the last time I saw a Capri on the street or a show ? Wow can't recall seeing one in years . Only on line . Guess Ford outsold Mercury by boatloads . Not to mention the crappy Capri that took it's place .
  9. Black Cat

    ASC Capri vert

    RS Turbo

    Wide body race car


    ASC McLaren hatch
    1986 ASC seats

    Beautiful looking Capri

    Oldest of the Capri line -the sexy European [​IMG]
    Old Black Cat

    The newest of the Capri's
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  10. Forgot the ugliest ,apologies if anyone on here owns one

    And , they do not look good with Mustang GT spoilers

    Better with out them and no bubble window . Well IMO . Even so I would buy one .
    Early 3 piece rear spoiler and rare rear wiper looks good on them . Flat glass just looks nicer .
  11. Newest of the capri's- wahahahah good one. That shiney black number was sharp.
  12. %2780+Capri+Road+Race.jpg

    Who wouldn't drive THAT on the street? LOL

    I know I would.
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  13. 3 reasons not to drive it on the street . Your subs will get wet when it rains , no beer holder and no where to hide drug stash . Oh and watch out for manhole covers and dips in the road . My 2.3 is just as fast ! He's standing still right ?
  14. Holy fat tires Batman
  15. I'm with you on this perception...

    Personally, if I think another guys car is "ugly," I just keep that to myself... In the case of this car, I think it looks pretty good, different to say, is in order.

    It certainly looks like it was done well.

  16. LOL! Subs would get wet:rlaugh:

    That convertible 86 ASC Capri vert has a nice set of seat. You just don't see much of these cars anymore.

    The way the top drop out of sight when down is something I always wished my 86GT vert would have been designed like.
  17. ASC adapted a Mercedes top to work on the fox platform.
  18. Agree to disagree. I like that look. My car has an '87+ GT spoiler on it.
  19. I'd like to get a GT spoiler but first things first . If I find one in red and cheap I'll buy . NIKwoaC are driving a Stang or a Capri ? Post a pic .