Post all your annoying things wrong with your car.

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  1. Lately my car just feels like junk. It feels like an old rough car. All the bushings need to be replaced in the front suspension, and I need new shocks and struts. The interior creaks and rattles, Im going to have to do a floor pan fix on it this summer the tailpipe constantly vibrates frame rail, and worst of all THE DOORS SAG. Also the car needs a repaint due to the wheel fallin off on me and the primer spots all over it from my "body modifications" I did. I have all these little things wrong with my car and I have NO money to put into the thing. I'm depressed in a I want to do all this stuff to it but cant even afford to put gas in it!. Does anybody else have all these little things wrong with it? Sorry Im just venting, I just want my baby back.
  2. My computer is all f'd up and it only runs smooth at wide open thottle.
  3. - It's not tuned yet
    - There's dust in the engine since it's been sitting in the garage for nearly 6 months.
  4. its been on jackstands for 2 years....
  5. You were just playing right... I don't think I can remember it all but I'll try:

    Car won't start when hot
    o2 sensors welded into exhaust
    exhaust is homemade
    radio harness is spliced
    seats are broke and one has only 3 legs
    someone cut interior in hatch for speakers
    two words: OIL LEAK! ...rear main seal
    Idle sticks when revved (linkage)
    no air
    no heat
    no cruise
    no power door lock
    no mirrors moving
    no interior light
    no dash light
    no fog lamps
    1 word: BONDO!!!
    different colored fender/fiberglass hood/cobra bumper/ground effect
    crappy main color looks like child did it
    subframes rusting

    found a pen top plugging vacuum line
    linkage was on valve cover
    vacuum lines were screwed up
    were bad -iac/tps/coil/distributor/control module/plugs
    shock was stuck
    springs were cut

    Should I sell this thing and buy a nicer one?
  6. Oh btw, this is the only car I have to drive.
  7. Cry about it you sob. lol
  8. All of my cosmetics. I need a new top, my interior is kind of crappy,and the paint has seen better days. The nose of my car looks like it was hit with buck shot from all the stone chips.

  9. Fixed to fit my issues :D
  10. Mach 1 - the fact that I haven't driven it in a 1 1/2 years.

    5.0 - a tear in my drivers seat. :D
  11. That's it... I'm selling mine and buying a nicer one :)
  12. The only thing I don't like about my car is the body work... One day I will be spending some seriours money to get my car "straight" again.
  13. No power locks... think i need new aculators or how ever u spell it
    paint is peeling on front of car
    small exhaust leak from header
    driver side floor fallin in
    sunroof leaks a tiny bit when raining hard
    like to replace all my weatherstriping
    ashtry door doesnt work
    cruise control dont work... i broke the clockspring
    no horn
    no airbag
  14. The convertible frame squeaks sometimes.

    Fuel smell after driving for a while (I think it is the injector o-rings)

    The e-brake button rattles all the time untill you press it.

    My convertible at the moment can't go up or down cause I can't figure out how to bleed a half dry system.

    I need to get my new top installed, but not before I fix the damn motor bleed.


    And the weather is getting nicer and nicer, I need to hurry up. :spot:
  15. You want the link to mine ;)
  16. I just need new door and hatch weather stripping. Other than that, I have no quals with my ride..
  17. Need to buy and weld in BOTH floor pans
    Need to paint, front bumper is spray painted
    I have turbines
    Rip in my new black seats
    I think that might be it
  18. Its never finished.
  19. need to sell it want a coupe