Post all your annoying things wrong with your car.

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  2. -Heater core bypassed (that brings many problems of its own)
    -Heads are leaking oil
    -Passanger window doesnt go up or down without some help
    -Passanger floorboard is constantly wet
    -Front and rear bumpers are warped
    -Exhaust pipes arent lined up evenly
    -Paint is fading
    -Belt squeek like a sob and no amount of wd-40 or anything can fix it -any suggestions

    Let me get in it and I am sure I can find more things-be back shortly
  3. its fugly and my steering wheel cover is crooked :(
  4. power door locks dont work,i need new rear speakers BAD, weatherstrips are shot and i wanna get the hatch to stop rattleing so bad
  5. You know what else is wrong with my car. My ashtray door works and so does my maplight. :shrug:
  6. '90
    Hot starts
    Car tends to shake when moving in reverse
    Front/rear bumper paint peeling (most annoying). Guess I'll spend a little more on my next paint job.

    Havn't gotten shift kit right. Hangs on 2nd/3rd gear shift (during normal driving) then suddenly lunges the car forward.
    Vibrating at higher speeds (probably the dirveshaft)
  7. The list could go on forever on mine, but among the most immediate issues that come to mind:

    - The Satanic Possession Issue (causes slightly rough/low idle and occasional light surging/power loss) which I've decided I will probably never figure out or cure
    - Leaky/nonexistent sunroof (got the new one sitting in my car room, just need time to install)
    - Low-hanging exhaust that scrapes on every bump/hump (still not too happy with UPR's cat'ed X-pipe fitment)
    - That bizarre, annoying low-speed squeaking from the pinion seal (not the bearing) that only goes away for a week or so with a squirt of Seafoam Deep Creep or WD-40
    - Total heater bypass/heater tube delete sucks for cold mornings or when you wanna defog the windshield in a jiffy
    - The slow coolant leak that I'll probably never figure out (losing about 1/2 quart per week/150 miles) and that Bar's Heavy Duty Stop Leak I poured in makes my coolant look like diarrhea (a total PITA to flush out)
    - The countless dents everywhere on my car, especially that stupid dimple in the nose of the hood that every OEM Fox body hood seems to have
    - Having to use my trip odometer to guess at my remaining fuel level (already have a new fuel tank sender and Edelbrock pump, also waiting to be installed if/when I ever get time) and having to refill every 150 miles to avoid running the risk of going dry
    - My driver's side seat edge is so close to the door that the seatbelt shoulder strap gets trapped between the armrest and the top/side of the seat, gotta leave the door open to put the belt on sometimes
    - Broken vent cowl
    - Broken ashtray door spring
    - Broken armrest console latch
    - Nowhere convenient to mount my 3-gauge set with my big honkin' Autometer tach installed

    That's about all I can think of in one sitting. Y'know ... just little stuff. A LOT of little stuffs. :(
  8. 93 cobra wrecked back end ( body shop at the first of the month)

    93 lx doesn't start
    don't know why????

    91 gt wrecked back end (same day as 93 cobra was wrecked, well about a hour after)
  9. mine likes to randomally idle at 1200 rpm sometimes, and there are some squeaks at rattles inside that I'm trying to locate.
  10. out of did both of ur cars get wrecked within an hour of each other :jaw: :jaw: aww..that poor cobra :(
  11. My hatch wont close
    seats have major ghetto lean
    clutch is stiffer than my frist hard on
    power locks dont work
    power mirrors dont work
    paint and body
    the worst of it is that I keep it out side so the hot sun beats the hell out of it
  12. agreed :shrug:

    -that damn e-brake button rattles so damn much
    -my sound system isn't loud enough
    -stock srt4's start pulling on me in fourth
    -some rubbing somewhere i need to locate in the front end due to lowering
    -back end is much higher than stock... with lowering springs in it :shrug:
    -turbines :nonono:
    -crappy brakes, partly due to a very slow leak in the rear softline
    -225 tires
    -dirty k&n
    -front left wheel bearing is a little dry, so major humming at 40mph+
    -DS or u-joint makes vibration a problem on the freeway
    -$400 cobra tranny grinds second under hard shifts (can't complain though, better than a busted stock t5)
    -speedo really doesn't work (i go 60 in residential apparently:shrug:)
    -65A alternator
    -paint is oxidized, and clearcoat is gone everywhere but a corner of rear bumper
    -little bit of rust/bubbling on left hatch shoulder
    -sagging front and rear bumpers
    -bumped a curb and bent my foglight mounting bracket yesterday, so both lights point straight down at the ground
    -main relay hangs down onto my legs most of the time
    -no pad on clutch pedal
    -gets me too many tickets
    -cheesegrater taillights
    -left foglight missing glass cover
    -front main seal oil leak
    -power steering whines
    -temp gauge doesn't work
    -16 mpg max
    -rear defroster.....what rear defroster? i thought those were just lines on the rear window
    -very small backseat :nonono:
    -ashtray spring broken
    -it's got freckles
    -small dents along driver's side, fairly decent one in hood
    -dirty ass engine bay
    -gay redorange stripe in moulding
    -passenger window motor needs "persuading" sometimes

    -for mostly stock exhaust, it sounds NICE
    -more torque than all my friends
    -i can drive better than most of my friends
    -handles fairly decent now
    -no major rust
    -interior in very good condition IMO
    -it's american :flag:
    -i know my money is going to something i can enjoy

    damn i think i thought of every damn thing i could

    thanks for sticking by people
  13. My ashtray door spring and the sunroof weatherstriping looks like poo (dosn't leak) thats about it.
  14. I forgot to mention:
    -trak loc is broke
    -ashtray and center console are broke
    -D/S I think is unbalanced cause the car vibrates and jolts
    -body needs work (paint, dents,)
    -wheels are bent
    -weatherstripping needs to be replaced
  15. My POS Cervini Stalker bumper cover and nothing else.
    What a f####en joke and I paid over $500 for it.
  16. My cat-back system needs to be upgraded to stainless. Besides that, I'm pretty happy with it :D
  17. paul(almost stock) you are right...your car is a joke! I guess I will take it:hail2:
  18. he said his car waas a joke
  19. my car fouls the number 1 plug in like 5k miles and its got a terrible high rpm miss. ive replaced everything except the map sensor and i cant figure it out. im not sure if its a bad injector or what. it really pisses me off though