Post all your annoying things wrong with your car.

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  1. My dads old 91 chev truck did that exact same thing. #1 plug every few months witch would have beed about 5-6000 Km's. When we took the motor out to change it I took it apart to see why and the piston had alot of play in the cylinder.
  2. i got a list

    aftermarket harness someone put in the car, the injectors have their own fuse box they put behind the glove box.

    i broke my ashtray door, not broke but the spring came off, too lazy to fix it.

    the 2 bolts on top of the black guage bezel, the plastic is threads into is broken off so my whole guage bezel sags and rattles

    no clutch and brake pedal pads

    no map light.

    no ac

    crappy heater

    leaky rear main

    leaky water pump

    small exhaust leaks from worn header gaskets i think

    aftermarket sunroof someone put on the car. Roof is fragile and flexes easily,

    also leaks, so when it rains bad the seats get wet.

    the fabric on my driver side pulldown mirror has come off, so when i pull the mirror down the fabric falls

    no NSS so i dont need a clutch to start the car

    right fender mangles on the lip

    no fog lights

    broken door handle bezels

    no turn signals

    lights for the fog light switch and etc dont work.

    center console arm rest is crappy and sags when u put weight on it.

    power mirrors have limited movement

    speedo needs replaced or lubed. bounces eratically in cold weather

    no gas guage

    other than that its rock solid
  3. hmmm...lets see

    -Car rattles like a Sumna****, tremec 3550???
    -no heat, even though it has a new heater core ???
    -damn cruise control buttons rattle
    -it doesn't have the motor, turbo and stuff I'm going to buy after school in it yet :(
    -my security remote lights only flash when a door is open and not when they're closed....stupid wiring
    -my driver side has the gangster lean ....need to take off seat covers and reweld
    -damn three hour drive to a car show through salted,wet roads ate the paint off of some of my ground fx

    hmmmmmm.....think thats about it
  4. ouch foxfan your list sounds worse than mine.

    just to let you know, the NSS doesn't control whether the car starts with the clutch out or not, that's the clutch switch, located on the clutch pedal. the NSS is the screw-in connector on the tranny cover plate. replace your clutch switch and you'll be good.

  5. What's wrong with it? I have been contemplating one for a while now. This may sway my decision.
  6. like Just Bob said - cosmetics. Needs painting. Have the stormin' norman ram air hood and haven't had the opportunity to have it painted yet. good thing my car is white! plus i have all the parts for a major top end rebuild - heads and all - but no time to work on it! ARGH!! and worst of all - the guy two buildings down just converted his little grey Miata into a Monster Miata. Blown 302 in that damn thing. < envy > that bastard. he has more parts than i do. he even had all the body panels adjusted just to accomodate the engine. new fms crate motor woth those new z type heads and everything. that is the main thing woring with my car!!
  7. When the Stalker was first installed all the body lines and gap were perfect but after about 3 months one day I noticed that the gap on the Stalker was closing some toward the hood, and then 6 months later the Stalker was actually touching the hood. This was 2 yrs ago and now the Stalker has close up so much that it's actually starting to raise my hood.

    If you want to take a look here you can see what I'm talking about.
  8. John
    At least mine runs:D
  9. hmmmmm
    - guy that painted my car needs to put my hood pins in
    - same guy needs to put a LX body molding on the door instead of the GT one that came with the door even tho i reminded him b4 paint
    - o2 sensors are prob done
    - need to fix exhuast leaks
    - one of my seats is wiggley
    - need to install my gauges, subframes, control arms
    - fuel pump just went (time to upgrade:D )
    - has tint on just the passenger side window
    - needs a new windshield (mines pretty pitted)
    - and the heat doesnt work, only the defrost...and i took out the a/c:rolleyes:

    BUT...i love driving her, and my ashtray door works and my black interior is mint:SNSign:

  10. well when i did the t5 swap, i couldnt find the plug under the dash(that connects to pedals) for the life of me so i said screw it.

    I left the screwin thing alone on the t5, i just connected the once from the side of the t5 to the plug under the car from the AOD setup. Works great, i have reverse lights but dont need the clutch, which isnt too bad.

    last 3 weeks i have had no clutch cable so when i need to move the car or take it to votech to work on it i can use the starter to get the car moving, i dont thinks its that good for it but it works in a bind.
  11. Needs some cosmetic body work...warpage, chips etc.
    2nd gear grinds sometimes
    rear end has was too much backlash
    top starter bolt keeps coming loose
    ashtray doesnt stay closed
    no a/c
    motor has a vibration coming down to idle
    leaks coolant lightly somewhere
    14mpg max
    door hangs low from bad hinge bushings and makes the door seal leak and makes my seat all wet when it rains or when i wash it
    all speakers dont like to work sometimes
    annoying rocker tick
    i think thats it but im sure i forgot some stuff
  12. -its slow
    -crack in rear bumper
    -stock shifter
    -sounds like an exhaust leak in my 'way too quiet' exhaust
    -brakes are getting a little old now
    -needs plugs/ wires
    -steering creaks when i turn it...might be a strut
    -my seat is losing its support
  13. o yea and i forgot...
    Major Gangsta lean in driver side the actual seat bottom leans toward the left and back and the top of the seat leans toward the right...from one of the brackets are broken and the usual lean deal
    Autometer tach reads 2X of what it should be
    Engine bay is messy and dirty
    Fan clutch is locked up
    Top of glove compartment doesnt sit flush when closed
    Lumbar support airbag? inside driver seat doesnt hold air
    Cowl grill is all burnt from a worklight when i was putting the motor in
    i think thats it
  14. i got the gangsta lean too, but my ashtray door works
  15. My mirror light on my visor comes on sometimes by itself:).........thats all
  16. Wow thanks guys now i feel better about my car, sice i have all the parts to fix what i hate, which would be the mm coil over conversion to replace my S**ty kyb shocks and struts and sagging eibach springs. Then there is the new motor coming this week, but i havent got tho drive it since june, and with the 8,000 bucks i have spent since then to get it back together and running handling good(since my dumbass wrecked it) i am broke as Hell, but loving every minute of it

    it does still leak
    and the ashtray door is broken
  17. Broken heat core, again! (tube bent in engine install, it split the first time coolant warmed up. :(
    Worn out front bushings causing a "sloppy" front end
    The newly re-installed exhaust has to be touching the body, causing some really annoying buzzes/vibration at certain engine speeds.
    Needs a front head light kit, stockers are tired.
    Trim molding needs freshening up, and hood/door/hatch seals are shot.

    That's the short list! LOL :D
  18. the only thing wrong with alan's car is that it isn't mine!
  19. -need to add a bottle of coolant to radiator about every month
    -700-1000rpm idle surge
    -HORRIBLE ground makes car stall while braking sometimes and takes a few times to start sometimes
    -bad fuel pump (sounds like an airplane)
    -Sounds like I have a few (not one) a few birds chirping inside my dash board at all times
    -Passenger side window motor dosent roll up, bearly goes down (have to pull it up)
    -pulls to the right
    -windhsield wipers smear water instead of wiping
    -no radio or cd player (no complaints though)
    -no cold air or heat (no complaints though, its all coming out soon)
    -2nd gear grinds sometimes
    -stock suspension (enough said)
    -no locks (hasent been stolen yet :shrug:)
    -driver side door handle is broken, only the driver knows how to open it :D
    -paint has some flaws
    -it only runs a 13.5 :nonono:
  20. The real question is what isnt wrong with mine, it leaks it makes some ungodly squeekin noises, leaks a few fluids, it viberates, hatch rattles, the interior isnt the greatests the idle hangs at 750-1200rpms whenever it wants to. It is paid for it is american made, is reliable as hell its paid for, and i wouldnt drive anything else.:nice: