Post all your annoying things wrong with your car.

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  1. clunking exhaust
    old saggy seats
    hanging rpms
    rough idle
    still sits high in the front
    tires too think for front rims
    scratched paint
    gas smell
  2. I'm not even going to start because I dont know WHERE to start. Plus I'll be here for days....:nonono: FUBAR
  3. ive had my car since i was 16 and have driven it a total of about 3 months in 5 years, i need to finish my motor, do a totally new suspension, paint job, brakes, tires, interior, pretty much everything needs done but all that is my fault as well because i decided to tear everything apart to restore the darn thing :S then with my svo i got drunk one night and had to let a buddy drive it to my place and since there was no 93 octane pumps around that area i put 90 in it and was gonna take an easy with boost till i got better gas, well my buddy is a non car guy type and decided to top it out while driving it to my place and burned a hole in my number three piston from all the detonation cus from what i was told by the passenger they cruised full throttle at 150 for quite a long time and he said he heard lots of weird noises from the engine bay and they only slowed down cus it started misfiring real bad, but the first thing he said to me when i started it the next day was that it was running like dog poop and when i told him later when i pulled plugs and found aluminum melted on the tip of one what the deal was all he said was that it wasnt his fault cus it was prolly gonna blow up anyhow and nothing i say to him will convince him he caused it cus he knows nothing about motors and thinks im full of **** sorry bout the long rant just hadta get it off my chest :mad:
  4. I get just as wet in the rain with the top up as I do when it's down
    Cam and 3:73's are just sitting in my shop
    speedo cable squeeks
    gangsta lean in BOTH seats
    carpet is cigarette burnt and stained
    pass side door window is missing guide bushings so it goes up crooked
    pass side door lock actuator seized won't unlock, can't get it open to fix it.
    leather seats are torn/worn to crap
    cruise doesn't work
    a/c doesn't blow cold
    vibration in overdrive
    need windshield
    ashtray door doesn't work... (console is worn out so to fix door I have to replace the whole console)
    weatherstripping all around has decided to do it's own weight reduction
    fuel pump relay won't turn off
    wet differential cover (always)
    panel dimmer switch has a "sweet spot" that it will work at... barely.

    My dad keeps telling me how cool is cadi cts is and how it tells him the temp outside... I tell him, mine tells me the temp outside too... if it's 50-60 the dash squeeks, if it's 60-70 the top rattles, if it's 70-80 the tranny over heats, etc... just as good as a digital gage in the visor :D
  5. 1989 gt 5speed

    outer door and window mouldings(all) faded and ugly as hell
    needs alignment or something else to fix sloppy ass steering
    needs shocks/struts and springs
    shifter vibrates alot at higher rpms
    clutch quadrant(fixing)
    smells like gas
    all weatherstripping also is crap
    small oil leak (oil pan looks like its dinged up so maybe new oilpan?)
    heater core bypassed (car runs fine but is this bad?)
    has crappy old reflective tint(previous owner)
    maplight busted
    ashtray door busted
    e-brake has to come up high just to hold the car
    new brakes
    glove box latch broken
    shifter boot has hole in it
    gangster lean on seats
    replacement rear view mirror likes to fall off sometimes
    blown speaker
    cheap ass paintjob, complete with sagging rear cobra bumper with a half inch gap between the bumper and car.:nonono:

    i second the "dont go with cheap when it comes to body work and paintjobs"

    thats all i can think of. for right now.
  6. 1. Mufflers hitting the frame...
    2. Crappy Steering
    3. Crazy Bump Steer
    4. Thermostat Housing Leak...
    5. Bad 3rd gear syncro (I think T5's come like this from the factory)
    6. Tailpipes melting the fuel line...
    7. Stupid PCV!
    8. Drum Brakes
    9. Doors Leak
    10. And it Always needs gas :D
  7. slow
    console lid latch is broken
    squeeky, SFCs still hanging on my garage wall
    Someone put a ding it!!!!!!!!!! It is miniscule but I notice it.
  8. 1.shreds the belt ever 100 miles or so im on the 5th 1 since the rebuild.just havent had time to really get it fixed.
    2.idle surge mostly while at a stop light.but runs great on the highway.
    3.needs paint and some bodywork.and need to repaint the pony's or get my monsoons poder coated.
    4.leaky pass. side axle seal. doesnt wor(its gone when i get the ac delete bracket.
    6.have a edge converter pa valve body,sub frames the konig rims and some other stuff no on the car...
  9. Map light doesn't work
    ash tray door spring is jacked
    cruise control no workee
    front headlights hazed over
    missing fog light lens
    hole in shifter bezel from previous alarm LED
    some jack ass bumped me at a red light last week and chipped paint off and left 2 nice bolt head impressios in skirt
    console armrest latch broken
    leaky power steering hose
    needs new shocks and struts
    and no money to fix any of the above.
  10. its slow
    gangsta lean seat + a rip in the side
    missing one body molding on fender
    door acuator works 25% of the time
    the list goes on...
  11. 87 coupe

    -it doesnt run
    -its on jack stands
    -needs a motor
    -needs a tranny
    -needs a wiring harness
    -needs a computer
    -its already a money pit and it hasnt moved an inch for 4 months:shrug:

    -it gives me incentive to go to work
    -not really any rust except for the bottom of the doors and the trunk lid.
    -should be running by summer:)
  12. 1990 Gt 118K Miles

    -Previous owner took out Carpet, Rear Seat, And Seatbelts
    -Map Light Doesnt Work
    -Previous Owner Disconected Radio for Christ Sake
    -Exhaust Rattles on Frame
    -Power Door Locks Broke
    -Heater Core Broke
    -A/C taken out for some Reason
    -Voltage drop at idle
    -Needs new glovebox
    -Smells like Antifreeze occasionally
    -Very Loud sqeueks and rattles

    -Small puddles of antifreeze everyday
    -Powersteering Pump Zings
    -Lifter ticking /knoking noise sometimes
    -oil temp gets hot in 1st and second gear
    -Needs to be painted
    -Reverse is Gone
    -Grinds into second rarely

    -Miniscule dents Everywhere
    -Paint faded form previous owner letting sit in sun on driver side
    -Rear hatch window trim is ugly
    -Wax stuck in those hard spots
    -Front bumper paint chips
    -Windshield is hammered
    -Needs fog lights and bracket

    And my Throwout bearing is squeeling like a Mo Fo

    Car still looks Good Though!


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  13. -Crank in rear corner of bumper
    -gangsta lean in one seat (have new ones just no time to put them in)
    -weather strippin on doors
    -ashtray door
    -repaint black mirrors and moldings, headlights (puttin the new ones on in a week or two)
    -needs subframes
    - wrost is 3 rust bubbles starting in 3 small areas, just needs to sand the small spots and repaint (doing it when i get the car up here at school in buddies driveway. I HATE RUST and NE!!!)
  14. hmmmm lets seee .....

    its a sunroof car ... and the sunroof is junk
    the sunroof leaks on my 00gt seats
    p.s rack is gone
    need new tie rod ends
    still have to fix cowl panel where hood flew up
    rip in the front bumper cover

    oh and my number one thing is that its a gt car and not a coupe ....

    but on the upside .... it keeps me occupied from working on it all the time .... and the chicks love it woop woop