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  1. So, I know this doesn't have much to do with anything but... Why does it say above that I only have 28 posts? Its been stuck on that number for as long as I can remember, but as of before this thread, I actually have 184. I know this because I manually searched for all of my posts and it displayed 184. I’ve noticed other members with the same issue.

    Just thought I’d make sure I got full credit for my wrongdoings here. :SNSign:
  2. only tech posts count.
  3. ^Correct. Tech, Sound Shop, Shine Shop, and Other Auto Tech count toward your total post count, but not the Talk or off topic forums.
  4. Hahaha, so I guess you could say then that most of my contribution here has been worthless. Oh well. Quality, not quantity, right?
  5. If post counts in this section were added up there would be people with 15,000+ posts, and probably a ton with 5000+.
  6. Just hang in there. The post-count stacks up before ya know it. :)
  7. I thought I was a whore with 2,600 since Nov 2001, but I was stuck at like 948 for 3 years because I never posted in Tech.
  8. Hissin... 25.000? I guess they do add up :D.
  9. Hahaha, nice work. :nice:
  10. I know some people who have only been here 1-2 years who would be in the 20k area for nothing but Talk posts :lol: