Post Custom Interior Pics

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  1. Looking for ideas for a custom interior for my fox. Everything from painted door panels too completely fabricated slick street rod interiors.

    Post pics if you got 'em.

    Personally, I'm trying to think of someway to make the interior a bit cleaner and less plasticky/cheap looking. Maybe painting parts of it to match the exterior, changing seat upholstery, stuff to keep it looking '80s but not so cheap but for now just looking for ideas.
  2. I decided to revise this in the hopes that someone will post. I would like to see custom interior pics too.
  3. I am working on a custom interior for my fox body right now. I will post pics as I get it closer to completion.
  4. I changed my white leather to blue and white some like it some hate it but Im happy with it. Also Modded the dash to fit a double din navigation deck

  5. I'm in the middle of my project. Should be finished this summer when its warmer. Here's what I've got done so far:

    I'm ordering white Vinyl seats in a few days, the carpet and mats will be black instead of gray as well. Seatbelts will aslo be black.
  6. Unless your interior is in bad shape, I would strongly discourage painting anything. It almost always ends up looking worse and it's always obvious. Then when you want to sell your car, the next would-be owner might want to murder you.

    I'd say leave it as is or let professionals handle it.

    It happened to a friend of mine....he sold his car to some kid....kid decided he wanted to paint the perfect condition tan interior black....looked like ****, paint started to come friend bought the car back.....we had to swap out the whole damn interior.....wanted to strangle kid....
  7. I like the white!:nice: Only other car I have seen with white dash I liked was when my buddy picked me up in a press car Gallardo convertable a few months back.
  8. yeh dont pain anything plastic that is wrong it always looks bad you can always tell it was painted.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, at first it was kind of a shock because the white is so vibrant compared to the 5 shades of gray. But after a minute it just looks totally sick with the black contrast. I can't wait to finish it!
  10. here are some interior stuff I did...

    2007 Double din - before
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    2008-present dvd Player relocated were the A/C controls were with a custom bezel... relocated A/C controls To the bottom portion, in the process of re-doing the A/C controls panel... Molded it to the radio bezal/panel...

    View attachment 268052

    2009 center console cup holders finally finished it went through alot of different cup holder inserts.. did it a fast job but came out ok...
    View attachment 268053

    View attachment 268054

    View attachment 268055

    also I moded the center console armrest, so when you open it, it would spring open...
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  11. ^ OK the cup holders are bad ass
  12. oh hell!!! I am diggin the cupholders!
  13. +1 on the cup holders im probably going to steal that mod I love it
  14. WOW! I was totally thinking about doing that but figured it would end up in shambles. That is awesome though! You almost have room for another one!
  15. 808GT: what cup holders did you end up using that worked so good like that for you??
  16. x2 whoever thought we'd say that? :eek:

    i saw a guy who did it locally but it didn't turn out as well. i def would love that in my daily driver!

    no broken ash tray lid and a real cupholder!!! that would be great for the daily commute.
  17. thanks everyone, I did it pretty fast cuz I wanted it already :p, used plastic epoxy and rage gold. I been holding this project off for awhile and went throught couple cup holders, I finaly decided on a nissan armada cupholder. It had that curve that followed the console farly well, once you get the cup holder you know what im talking about... but I think it needs to be like the 06-07 since it had that curve, the newer ones are flat now..

    haha be my guest, :) jus take your time... I say just cut alittle dont try to hack it up, so you just need little epoxy/bondo, make sure you bond the back side and test its strength :) so it doesnt break when you put a drink in...

    I was also thinking of putting another cupholder were the ashtray is in the back side.. I seen a BMW with it but dont remember :p
  18. i did mine with an asc mclaren center console and i added a 2001 mustang cupholder to it.i am doing a total custom interior and i'm a long ways off.i guess i can post a pic but it's no where near done.i am going to wrap mine in leather.i also got the aluminum ring for the 2001 model year.

  19. The 01 mustang cup holder looks like it could make the mod alot easier I may order one and look at it