Post Custom Interior Pics

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  1. ^Not bad looking. I wish I was that good with plastics.
  2. it is extremely easy the plastic weld is an epoxy that they sell in any automotive parts has 2 tubes side by side and you clip the tabs off and it squirst an even amount on to a clean surface and you mix it.follow the directions on the is made to do plastic repairs but works great for projects like these it is like jb weld but for plastics.
  3. update...

    I took my map light that was in my 87gt out and put this in as a replacement...

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    ^^^ I was just looking around at the local yard and found these map lights and thought that it would fit were my old broken map light is... I modded the map light (came from a 300zx t-top) and instead of when you push the button it would turn the lights on the Visors... My sun-visors had the vanity lights or wat ever you call them, but the cover was torn, so here was the solution... what you guys think?
  4. ^Not bad looking. Mine are in my rear view mirror so I can't really do anything about it, lol.
  5. thanks still playing with it... its just hanging there right now till i find a way to mount it better
  7. brown86 - lovin the interior, the steering wheel, shift boot, seats nice... I was looking find me the steering wheel and boot but har to find them :-(
  8. I can't believe this post came back to life! When I first started this like five months ago no one posted anything

    I just searched through my old posts cause I'm bored at work and I found all these new photos and stuff. Awesome, some great ideas.

    Anyway, I might actually end up having to sell my fox. Getting out of college soon and I don't have a job yet and I need to get some dough to get me through a few months rent. We'll see.
  9. Anyone have pics of a red interior withblack seats, carpet, and headliner? Not all that custom, but something I've been thinking about doing.
  10. i love the plate around the shifter did you make that yourself ?i plan on doing alot of aluminum trim in my car as well. i got my inspiration from a ford gt that i saw at a gas station last summer.
  11. yes, its a prototype i made to match the 94 and up oval opening. The shift boot is a 94-04 redline boot. The bezel is painted exterior paint color to match my rollcage. In the picture you can see where it is slightly warped do to summer heat so I have since made a new one in a better material. I just need to paint it.
  13. Does anybody have pics of the interior some guy posted where he simply took out the whole center console? It looked really nice, just simple and clean. I think it was on this site that he posted it.
  14. b737_3.jpg

    This one? I don't remember who it belonged to...
  15. I got my shifter installed today.

  16. 3VOM, I don't that was the one but it looks nice too. Who needs a radio, eh? I can never hear it over the exhaust and the road noise anyway.
  17. good thread

    anyone got different headliners?
  18. great job guys

    Wow, gots me ideas now. they look great. :nice: