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  1. Oh forgot to say I just got a 89' gt and want to fix it up a bit.

    fun fun fun
  2. they are fun to customize i have an 87 mustang and i'm doing some custom stuff to mine.
  3. Not so sure about the steering wheel :scratch: not really liking it.

    I think its the brushed look and chrome at the same time that's killing this interior for me...

    too many ideas going on at once. I like potatoes, and i like ice cream, but not in the same bowl.
  4. looks great:nice:
  5. That Pace car looks really nice. I know what Adams91LX is saying though. The steering wheel looks a bit out of place IMO and the chrome next to the brushed aluminum maybe a bit confusing. Nonetheless, it still looks really nice. I'm just nitpicking.
  6. All these interiors look awesome, great work guys. Since my car has a super clean porno red interior, I am trying to stick with the red theme, but incorporate it with a 2 tone black/red theme. Anybody have any more Porno red custom interior shots?

    68Stang351, that looks [email protected]$$..... I think I will do something similar to this with my red door panels, but Im not too sure if I want to do a new red carpet, or a black carpet?
  7. Hope this gives you an idea. :nice:

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  8. I say go with the black:nice:

  9. And if the car was red i prob would have left it like that, but i swapped it to all black a few weeks later.

    I just redid my headliner. SOme might hate it, but i like it in person. Pics exaggerate the vividness of it. It's much more subtle


    And for those who haven't seen SN95 rear seat :)

  10. I actually like the headliner. Its not something you see everyday.
    How did the SN95 seat work out? Easy install or what?
  11. i would like to see some detail on the installation of the rear seat myself do you have any pics i didn't see any in your progress thread.
  12. That's cool - if you allow liquid in your car ;)

    Tons better than the "Plug N Chug" thing that some places sell :nice:
  13. Yea - invisible :D
  14. lol yea true, i useually dont let anyone eat or drink in my car anymore... :)

  15. Here ya go

    Post #74 + 75
  16. just curious did you form the rear seat foam that way or does it come that way stock .mine is more flat and i would like mine to look like yours
  17. I didn't touch a thing. My seat is pretty much how it came out of the GT still.
  18. as what Mustang5L5 said, you can just take the rear bottom out and put the new edge rear bottom seat in, i did that for awhile, then decided to jus take the leather off the new edge seat and install it on my 87 rear seat bottom...

    but eaither way works :D