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  1. i have been driving only two years, and have had my share of run-ins with the law.....this happend today

    i was working for my engineering company and they sent me to the post office with several metered letters to send out. the post office is directly across the street from my high school. so im driving down the hill towards the p.o. than my phone rings, its my job telling me that i dont need to run an extra errand and that i can return to the office after i mail the stuff. so i put the phone down, pull into the office, and as i am about to get out of the car, a cop walks up to me and says "hey take it easy." im like uhhh whats goin on. he says "you didnt see me behind you". i said "no, i was looking at the road". so he procedes to tell me i was on the phone. i was like "yes, you see these packages, im working right now and my job just called me." apparently this wasnt good enough so he takes my license and goes to his car which he had blocked me in with. at this point i knew he was wrighting a ticket.

    so he comes back, hands me the ticket and the first thing i say is "dude, this is f***ing bull***t." hes like what you were on your phone. I said "yea, im working and my job just called me, its not like i was on the phone with my girlfreind". then he says well your on ur phone and theres the kids(from the high school because there is a deli up the road) walking on the sidewalk. what would happen if you werent paying attention? I said " yea i am one of those kids. you see that biulding there(pointing to school), i go there and i walk this street everyday. And , i dont have the money seeing how all of it i make goes into into my college fund for next year." he says "o ur still in high school? what kinda grades you get?" so i tell him a's and b's. then he says"where ya goin to college?" so i told him most likely farmingdale on long island"

    then, it got weird. he says "tell ya what.....plead not guilty on the ticket and bring your acceptance letter to court and ill take care of this."

    the whole time this is happening everyone that knows me is hanging out the windows of the school screaming "YEA BOOTH!!!!" (thats my last name)
    im surprised i even got him to listen to me considering i am a major wise a$$ :lol: good thing i still have the acceptance letter :D
  2. I just posted about my ticket today in another thread........ but I've already had 2 tickets this year. I'm fed up with the insane amounts too! :bang:

    $225 for the last one a few months ago and $70 for this one :mad:
  3. 7 tickets under my belt but no points! Im only 18 too. Needless to say I learned my lesson so I obey all laws to the best of my abilities now.
  4. <----no tickets
  5. :stupid:
  6. My last ticket was in my SVT Contour on the way to San Diego. I had woken up late so I had to play catch up. I was flying down the 8 and everyone was going hella slow so I looked like a bat out of hell coming down this highway. Well I started feeling nervous like I knew I should slow down because I have made up my time by now but I didnt listen to my insticts. BAM! 2 minutes later a CHP officer is coming the opposite way and I go flying by. I see his brake lights in my rear view mirror and he crosses the dirt median. I know I am *ucked. So I do what anyone would dumb. I slow down to the speed limit and get all the way to the right. It didnt work. Got pulled over :fuss: The cop was like "Is this a contour". Im like yeah. He says "It doesnt look like a contour" I told him it is, but it's the SVT so it looks a bit different. Explained same people that make the Lighting and Cobra. He had no friggin clue what I was talking about, obviously wasnt a car lover so of course I still got the ticket. The End.
  7. I got a ticket the other week, and have a court date on friday. me and a ricer were playing games with eachother on us 29 right in front of the charlotte motor speedway -50 mph zone, and i was doing about 75. A cop passed us going the other way and the valentine one instantly lit up with the "your ass is in trouble now" warning. He didnt turn around though surprisingly, so at the next light i turned right thinking i would be avoiding him. Wrong. I turn right and as soon as i do his buddy is sitting there. at this point i was like "goddamn mother****ing piece of ****!!!!!!" and the buddy pulls me over, then the one that clocked me pulled up behind him. The cop was a total dick about it, and i ended up getting a ticket for 72 in a 50mph zone. but this is my first speeding ticket, so I hired an attorney in hopes of getting it reduced to a non-moving violation like improper muffler or some b.s. like that. I guess I will let you guys know how it ended up on friday! wish me luck!!!!!
  8. Hired an attorney? wtf for? Just bite the bullet and go to traffic school. You know you did wrong. :nonono:
  9. fess up with it, i did on all four of mine last year.....still have my license, but i do have 11 points on my license, and it only takes 12 to lose it in NC. Strange thing is, i got every ticket i've ever had in my V6, only ever been pulled over once in the GT and that was in a parking lot after doing donuts...
  10. because i dont want the points on my license, the insurance would rape me since i am only 18. See, I know i was speeding, and i wouldnt mind paying the fine for the ticket if my insurance didnt go up because of the points. If I get a ticket, I cannot afford the insurance increase, therefore, I would not be able to drive anymore :( so it is dependent upon me getting it dropped for me to keep drving the stang.
  11. Only one ticket(No Seatbelt). Put I was recently pulled over and was accused of roasting the tires off leaving a local hangout. It was actually a guy I knew who was leaving at the same time. :notnice: That took some convincing on my part to get the cop to believe me.
  12. If you have a good insurance company, IE progressive, state farm and such, your first ticket will NOT count against you at all. You will recieve no points on your insurance so long as you don't get another w/in three years. I got a ticket a while back, was pretty good one, insurance didn't go up, and i was 17. Just try to get it reduced to 9mph over 55, it's easier that way, and less expensive than a lawyer, then keep your foot outta the gas.
  13. I got two tickets in one day on seperate offenses. The first was an illegeal right hand turn (turning right from the left lane) which sounds bad but really was quite legit. I went around a bus (city not school) and then hung a right because the bus was too close to really signal into the lane then turn. After that ruined my day on the way home from work I got distracted by a 5 car pile up and as we were going along side of the accident, the lady in front of me slammed on her brakes as the car in front of her was taking a left hand turn, and thats when my truck brakes showed their true colors as I rear ended her. It only left a mark where my license plate holder hit her, not even a dent, just a plastic mark. But that was ticket 2, failure to reduce speed. In Illinois, a new law says 2 tickets in a years time when under 21 means the loss of your drivers license for a year. But, I got an attourney and $600 later was on my way. Lesson learned! :owned:
  14. In your case, it was more of a bad day, that seems like a good reason to get help, although in NC if your insurance fixes the damages, which mine did to the other guy one time, and you take a letter to the DA, they'll drop the ticket, and your home free then.

  15. After one year of driving. No tickets. KNOCK ON WOOD. A lot of close calls though.

  16. what did the cop do? I havent had a ticket, but did get an improper start warning for drifting around a curve turning left. Didnt see the cop :( I'm had some close calls, but i try to keep it under the speed limit, and when i do donuts its always behind my school were noone can see.