~Post pic of YOUR car and have me draw it~

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  1. I'm no world renowned artist but i do sketch art as a hobby and i started out drawing cars before i went into drawing people. And i miss drawing cars - Soooooo post one pic of your car that is interesting and good material for drawing and ill sketch it and post the picture then send you the actual if u want it.

    - Must be your car
    - Keep in mind that color can only be shown as different darknesses of graphite and charcoal so graphix will be only shown as one hue mostly
    - One pic per person
    - I'll leave a day or so for people to leave a pic here
    - I'll choose the one i'd like to draw the most

    This is no formal contest just a chance to show you're best car pic really- Thanks

    Examples of what i've drawn recently :

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  2. picture031ur2.th.jpg

    edit: some other drawings arn't linking correectly - sorry

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  3. [​IMG]

    that ones a lil edited heres oridg

  4. That would be sweet!


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  5. have at her...


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  6. Just f'n beautiful guys, i like the edited; angles help just as mush as the car does. I'm not just going to draw the best looking car, it's the most intriging figure to draw + beauty
  7. BTW u can replace your pic at any time w/ a diff one
  8. Draw it if you want to

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  9. QUESTION: You guys want me to do background? Guess i'll leave it up to you guys per picture
  10. why nit...feel free to drop it a couple of in. in the pic! lol.

  11. i think a nice background would add to the pic...If you draw mine and it looks good i'll pay you for it. Then i'll frame it and hang it in my den.
  12. me next me next

  13. cleanpics008.jpg

    you can try anything you want with it. i'd love to have someone sketch my car!!

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  14. Pics

    that would be sweet... make the wheels black on it for me,.. im torn between switching and I wanna see what it would look like with black chrome cobra R's... or FR500's.:nice:
  15. I think just the car would be cool. If you want to exaggerate it some too, bigger wheels, raked look, etc. what ever you think man, be creative. Are you gonna post em up when your done?

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  16. Also please post med/high res pics so i can print it for refrance. Plus i have no prob dropping your car or making your rims look black but im drawing YOUR car im not going to draw it w/ diff rims on it
  17. When im done drawing it ill take a pic of the drawing and post it, then mail the drawing per private disclosure of the person's adress. BTW this will be on a
    8 1/2" X 11" paper not a poster.
  18. MyCobra.jpg

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