post pics of bad stangs

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  1. that focus is just bad man. . .. just plain old bad. . .. bad to the bone. . . .badby McBad Bad. . . . . .super duper bad. . . . .bad to the 2nd power. . . . .ultra mega plasma bad. . . . .i'll stop now.
  2. here's one from xmp ( )


    posted with permission
  3. AH HA! Good observation. still doesnt change my opinion on whether i would take it or not :nice: :D

  4. so is that a saleen or a mach 1 or a ricer. i cant tell, but i do liek that system.
  5. srdracingkevin- do you still have the stalker front bumper for sale? If so, where are you located? You can email me at [email protected]
  6. sorry man i sold it but i still have lots of parts left
  7. very nice stang:

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  8. That car belongs to a guy by the name of Dan (I think). He frequents the corral, the car is SICK!
  9. yeah his car is bad......anybody got pics of top show winners and the one off mustangs and concept cars???
  10. Girl is nice but those rims are:


    I remember those pics Joe, NICE CARS!!

  11. isnt his name drew?
  12. NO,
    This is Drew's Car (nicer)

  13. didnt that car make Pitiful power for what it has

    I watched all the dyno vids and pulls and it was weaksauce
  14. Yep, its Drew, not Dan...

    RC, I liked those wheels. They are Work Rezaks and they are very $$$ and pretty rare. I had pics of that car up in some of my wheel post as it was in MM&FF.
  15. Made like 477HP at the wheels. Obviously he's got more power in it with a 377 and blower.
  16. that is the car i was replying to
  17. I have a vid back at home (Im at my dorm) of him pushing like 14 psi through that motor and only getting like 550 out of it. Now 550 is badass but man, you can get that with a built 306 and the same boost. Let alone all the extra cubes.

    I dont remember for sure so corect me if I'm wrong. And the rims on that car are sweet. :hail2:
  18. i think it is a hodgepog of compnets riced together and eventhough they look kinda cool why did anybody ever come up with gull wing doors for a mustang leave that stuff at the nopi nats!!!!!!......but i was guilty of that at one time also i can tsay get any respect u have to build your own stuff and then three days later somebody rips you off and claims all your ideas and designs!!1

    sorry i had to rant .....great looking cars u guys keep them coming
  19. I personally love the lambo doors... my jaw would drop if I saw a swet stang pull in somewhere, and up went the doors. That just screams speed and "supercar" to me.... I like being different and VERY few people have these doors.