Post Pics Of How Your Classic Mustang Currently Sits

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  1. You saw my car earlier in the thread....this is how she currently sits......

  2. Here is my 69 Mustang I bought it when I was 15 and drove it all through high school, then it set for 25 years and I am just getting around to restoring it. The plan is to have matched pair of grabber blue Mustangs, 2011 and the 1969.
    Stang 12-13 (2).jpg Stang 12-13 (3).jpg
  3. That is going to be sooo sweet.
    I sold my 69 some 25 years ago ,actually i parted it out:doh: A friend of mine heard me saying i would like to build another 69 , took me over beside his shop and told me if i would sand blast a couple of cars for him i could have this one. I told him heck yeah ! I loaded it up and took it home ,and that is when i recognized that it was my old car .I should be painting soon as the weather warms up.
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  4. That's amazing, to get it back after all that time. What are your plans for the car, back to original or restomod?
  5. Thats a story carved in stone. I guess we know youll never part with it again!
  6. It's mine forever . It's the second post on page one _MG_3784.JPG
  7. This is my 65' The black and white pic makes it look so much better
  8. Heres mine. 67 with 331 stroker and vortech supercharged. It has a full ridetech pro airride suspension and a fully built Viper t56 trans putting down 536rwhp through the built 31 spline 9" rear.

  9. I follow dcstang67's post with what could be before pics of his car: 20140214_'67 new wheels.jpg 67 front 20140217.jpg 67 back 20140217.jpg
  10. You want to see the before pic? Here it is.
  11. Here's mine... it's not looking too good guys...
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  12. Been a while but got most of my issues worked out.

  13. Waiting its turn in the shop.

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  14. Just picked up this 69 coupe. California car, in sweet shape. Previous Owner had it since 1986. Finished it in 2006. Still needs some love though, small stuff. It has non working AC, power steering and drum brakes with a 2V 302 / C4 combo.

    Disk brake conversion and 17" wheels are on their way. (See pics below). After that I want to get the air working and maybe put some HP goodies under the hood. Torn about that, it's a nice cruiser that gets good mileage right now. Thinking about leaving it alone....

    BTW, the Rally or GT wheels that are on it now are for sale in the classifieds...


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  15. Been a while since I've worked on the 66s, there up top.

  16. Here my 65. Front end is done and ready for motor, car is stripped to bare metal. I wasn't happy with a lower patch that was done on the pass side and the panel also had a 'back to front' crease in it from a past crash so I said pi$$ on that and decided to change the quarter. I cut just below the factory ridge and butt weld b/c the repop panels don't see to have as sharp of a hip line as the factory panels did. I want to keep that factory line. Here I'm fitting the new panel, getting ready to tack and then make my top cut through the old and new for the butt weld. Fitting new Panel.JPG Matching New Lower Rear Extension to Factory Upper Extension.JPG Old Panel Cut Off.JPG Front with suspension on.jpg