Post Pics Of How Your Classic Mustang Currently Sits

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  1. the only changes ive made are changin the interior to tan, currently putting in Dakota Digital VHX guages and 4 wheel SSBC brakes

    20140415_101032.jpg 20140411_115812.jpg 20140415_101008.jpg
  2. Man that is purty!
  3. Thanks, is a 05 Mustang tan. I was soooo tired of the black. It also has the new fastback 1 piece headliner and new dash pad in r&d still.
  4. Here is what I am workin with. About to start on the engine bay, Cowl is done ... finally. Not much to look at but was the first car I bought with my own money when I was 15. Been loads of fun for the last 25 years. My Dad and I worked on it in High school and now me and my youngest work on it... (he hands me tools and watches daddy get dirty)
  5. iskwezm how did you get that headunit to fit in there and what type is it? I been thinking of doing a double din but was just going to install it in the counsole i was going to build
  6. the screen in the dash? Its not a headunit. The headunit is in the gloveboox.The screen in the dash is just a 7" mounted to the dash, i use it for my tuning software.One thing i wont do is cut my dash. The center will house a double din if i want.
  7. oh ok! just wondering
  8. 20140420_180506.jpg New rims and tires. Installed the disk brakes too....

    20140420_194012-1.jpg 20140420_193938-1.jpg
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  9. This is my father's 72 he just got yesterday

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  10. My 66 DSCN0016.jpg
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  11. My '66 Stang.....

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  12. Alohastang are you on air ride or is that your regular ride height?
  13. Derbystang. (None of my projects ever seem to be finished)

    20140423Derbystang1.jpg 20140423DerbyStang.jpg
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  14. Regular ride height..... Cut fron coils and de-arched Maier Racing Leaf Springs with lowering blocks. The car is so "stiff" with Koni Shocks that I have no issues with fender-rub.
  15. After I lost a wheel and tire, taking the car from Idaho, down to Canon City, Co.

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  16. Some changes. Shelby drop with 620 coils (1/2 coil cut) and some new black AR TTII's. Need to lower the rear now. Might do lowering blocks or a mid leaf.