Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Thnx, we been having lots of rain in Atlanta so I had to enjoy this weekend with a spit shine. Had some dude at at gas station rave sbout my '09 gt500
    I was all smiles cause he'd never seen it :D
    Love driving a DD mustang!!!
  2. Interior Pics please. :D
  3. yes....your seats deserve a showing as well...
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  4. OK, ....but you've twisted my pic-a-whoring arm :p
    First two picks are after the leather conditioner, they had been sitting in a warehouse and needed some love. Really brought out the richness in the leather :banana:




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  5. I do have the new black seat belt bezels, so they will be changed soon.
  6. That interior is sick man

    Here mine is waiting for me after work tonight. The dark hides the paint thats in terrible condition :nice:

    2014-05-03 21.05.36.jpg

    I think its developing an engine knock though :(
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  7. Thnx!! Nice vert and I like that grey trim, pops on that black:nice:
    goes great wih those grey wheels, chrome would not match it right.
  8. Thanks

    Lol I was going to switch it over to red trim and red Mustang GT lettering when it gets painted. I'll be off to basic training and won't get to drive it for 8+ months :(
    It will be in the care of my family and I'll be sending them money during Tech Training to get painted/rebuilt. Everything will be stock except for maybe 306 rebuild and upgraded AOD kit.
    Its very sluggish but makes enough power for me, just wish it didn't shift like crap.
  9. Thnx for your service:flag:

    I hear the AOD upgrades are worth it to shift it right, get that done!!
  10. you still have window inspection stickers in WV? NC its tied to your tag renewal now... no inspection no tag...
  11. Very very lenient inspections. I don't even think they measured the exhaust. He just made sure it didn't leak exhaust and slapped the sticker on lol
  12. yep but he Did fix your brakes ..!!
  13. Brakes, what day fo
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  14. Different guy lol. I got it inspected in October. Brakes turned to crop in January.

    Don't really need brakes if you just evade people in your way
  16. Roll down and over them? :shrug:
  17. Mike nice pic your hatch is sweet bro!! i know there is not many options where to put hood at show but id be :poo:tin in my pants if i had it on my roof. I have thought about your hood setup many times when ive had my hood off it looks so fn killer no worries with hood blocking sun its like a light switch on my engine bay with all my powdercoating sparkle.
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  19. Well I have a moving blanket underneath of it. It's used for moving old furniture so it's really soft haven't scratched my roof yet with it. Thanks too I get back from the stands after watching nick run down the track for true street, go back to my car and find this.
    Safe to say I was pretty dang excited, especially for only giving the car a quick detail spray on the outside and did nothing inside.
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  20. yeah those blankets are soft, well deserved great looking ride NMRA awards are some of my proudest heres one from atco back in 09