Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. null_zpse625eb12.jpg
    4 years later and it still looks like hell. No time/money to do the bodywork/paint. At least it's not looking any worse. I do keep it clean, wash/wax it regularly and stay on top of it mechanically.
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  2. I'm in the same boat, I've got a spot on my roof next to the sunroof that needs to be taken care of and my hood has a spot that's down to the primer and most of my roof, hood and the top of the front fenders have no clear coat left.
  3. ford do not spray any extra top coat on rear bumper and the roof. cheap bastard.
  4. I didn't know that!
  5. Ford skimped out a lot on the foxs, have you seen the wiring? o_O
    It seems like the best thing they built for the fox was the 5.0
  6. Yeah some of the wiring is pretty sketchy
  7. image.jpg Plasti dipped my wheels today to get something different
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  8. I really like the sway they look with color!
  9. your rear tires seems a little on the flat side
  10. I snapped a quick pick walking past mine.

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  11. Nah it's the way the car is the passenger side is still jacked up in the air
  12. before i pull the engine and started my restoration and build i thought it would be a good idea to see what lurked under my verts carpet since i havent looked in 15 years...... couldnt be happier! looked like the day it rolled off the line and bolts were clean!

    c front floor board.JPG c rear floor pan.JPG backseat floor.JPG c interior 2.JPG

    why do some of my photos post upside down?
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  13. I think you have to manual turn that around . photo(19).JPG
  14. Waxed my car today first time I left the wax on it all day before wiping it off.

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  15. like glass
  16. Except the hood :( anybody got a band aid for my hood
  17. @89oem you should have put some sound dampening on the floor pans. I put some on mine and made a ton of difference :nice:
  18. i put it all back, only took a few minutes... just exploratory for another week or two...then hci, what sound mat did you use?
  19. GTMat 80mil Ultra. It's a cheaper brand but it works pretty well. I think $80 did my entire floor and trunk. Haven't done the doors yet.
  20. On the rack at MPR Racing Engines. Should be ready to race again soon. 8s or Bust!

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