Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. PURDY! I'm suprised that the Lady bug didn't slip and break her neck on that slick paint! :D
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  2. I ate it
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  3. Attended a Cruise In, in downtown Dallas GA today.
    IMG_20140524_175009_866-1.jpg IMG_20140524_174751_423.jpg IMG_20140524_174729_197-1.jpg
  4. Inside again. epyqu9yq.jpg
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  5. Uhm excuse me I think that's illegal there... Something called child labor laws lol
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  6. I was expecting a quote with how unruly my lawn is.
  7. No time for yardwork more time for mustang work
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  8. Bidding my time until I can get that phb and tq arm installed.
  9. ta6y2eha.jpg

    Snapped this Sunday
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  11. Here is mine after the hood and decklid changes. The spoiler is from a 2007 that fit nicely with some massaging. DSCF0390.JPG DSCF0391.JPG DSC00752.jpg
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  12. This is the only picture I can still find of my last Fox. I took this picture in 1997 I believe. I pulled into Steeda and they had the legend sitting outside, so I decided to take a picture.


  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1401575876.543496.jpg

    Under it's own power it moved today !
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