Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Last night out for a cruise bege9etu.jpg
  2. 86gtdrive2_zpsf364a43b.jpg
    Took out the sunroof to enjoy the weather and drove to a buddies house .
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  4. I am finally getting around to swapping the gears in my car... IMG_20140603_073111046_HDR.jpg

    Here's a picture of the undercarriage... IMG_20140603_073401206.jpg
    New shocks will also be installed at the end of this project!
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  5. As of last month. Interior is out and motor is on a stand. Matte black paint

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  6. thanks!....that is in the works,has most of the supporting mods and its ready to drop in!,probably next summer im hoping!
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  7. factory emerald green tweaked a little darker...
  8. I love that green. Looks black until you really look close.
  9. @smkshw ,

    That's a clean green machine! I like where you mounted your front license plate.
  10. lots of time and money spent on it,did everything myself down to the paint with a few helping hands...tuned into a fun car to drive thats for sure...thanks for the complements...!
  11. smkshw that is beautiful
  12. 5 minutes ago. bored camping. the rims gotta go, i think i want some 03 cobras or R's

  13. this past winter, when it was just a 4

  14. getting that 4 up out of there

  15. I actually like those wheels on there. They actually look good!
  16. thanks! i get a few commentss, i just dont see the appeal. i liked how they looked on the red donow car.