Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Adding a red outline around the outside, you'd be amazed at how it changes the look of the rims personally I very rarely think it makes anything better but on those it might work
  2. image.jpg 95% done. Just looking less and less complete
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  3. quick cell phone pic from yesterday
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  4. I guess parking between the lines was not your strong suit. Lol just messing with you man clean hatch

  5. Thanks man! the only time my car sees a parking lot is like in pic with me standing next to it taking pics lol btw i snapped two heres the other one sometimes my old galaxy 3 cell phone pics surprise me..thanks guys for the likes!
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  6. 6.7.14_0192lo.jpg
    Saturday night Whiskey Cafe cruise.
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  7. Is it a good different... I've been getting a lot of sh** for it haha f*** them haters haha
  8. Quick snap the other day.

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  9. Your maturity level really shows here . People were giving you advice and criticism over your hole in your fender and what you think you know and that's what how you act . Bravo .
  10. 20140610_130415.jpg 90 Mustang
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  11. :urmom:I love holes
  12. wet ones ?
  13. wet sticky squirting ones. Got goggles?
  14. Let's get back to the thread, shall we:confused:?? At the gas station earlier this evening. 1/2 gallon of 110 leaded, rest 93 octane:).
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  15. why half and half?
  16. Not half and half I always put 1/2 gal of racing fuel to about 12 gal of 93. 10.5:1 compression plus, Smells better in traffic, note i'm carbureted.

  17. Sorry I read it wrong lol gotcha
  18. Took 2nd place yesterday at a local show in a class of about 20 mustangs 64-present mshh0n.jpg

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  19. Sweet! Good job! What placed 1st? If you don't mind me asking
  20. It was a 93 vert with a 86 saleen clone setup on it with a maaco paint job, flat black engine bay, real saleen wheels etc. TMI interior it was a nice car but i could've picked a nicer car for first that was in the class but what do i know . I m just happy any trophy is cool with me .