Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Wow. I agree, I would picked yours for first!
  2. After the little "fended bender", I'm taking the opportunity to clean things up a bit.. ;)

  3. Not a fan of yellow but it clears the intake now with out rubbing. I will have the hood pin holes filled in when it's painted black.

    nyjeqa8a.jpg agudebys.jpg
  4. ronald-mcdonald1.jpg
    I can dig it!
  5. 86-179 waiting to be driven:nice:

  6. whiskey rear.jpg
    Getting her out in public for a change.
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  7. snapped this cell pic after waxing car tried a new wax
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  8. I need to buff and wax mine something fierce
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  9. nice stance,nice paint,nice car...
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  10. I would just rather not hear about your self abuse issues.........................
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  11. She's a Clean Green Driving Machine...

    Had to do my Virginia inspection and what should be my last time through the emissions test, since Va doesn't exempt till your car is 25 years old. Breezed through with HC at 23/24; CO% at .02/.02; and NO at 273/236. Where the readings are 15/25MPH values.

    'Aint gonna win any races with numbers like these, but it does show continued signs of a healthy engine after all these years. Before the test the inspector was being a bit of a hard-ass about Va laws and how most of the fox bodies fail in VA. But he was all smiles and grins by the time he was through. It's always a good sign when the guy doing the tests wants to buy your car after he's inspected it.

    Glad I got working AC too... It was a hot one today.

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  12. Looks great! What kind of wax?
  13. thanks Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax

    thanks bro
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  15. I'm debating on going full flat black. Plasti dip cause I'm cheap...

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