Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Looks sweet! Flat black would look good too, just realize it's gonna be hotter than hell depending where you live lol. Nothing wrong with plasti dip in my book
  2. thanks bro
  3. Yesterday on my way down to Mir for test and tune
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  4. image.jpg Then in the staging lanes at the track lol
  5. Just now in the driveay after wiping off the dust.

  6. Love the colors!
  7. how did you do?
  8. We just won't talk about that haha if you really wanna know go to my build thread it's kinda embarrassing haha
  9. Taking it out for the afternoon. Using the trunk too... udy6ene3.jpg
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  10. I hope you got a big trunk... 'cause I'm gonna stick my BIKE in it!

    -40 Year Old Virgin
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  11. The wife and I were at a local farm buying eggs and meat and I thought this was kind of a cool pic. Not artsy or anything, but the farm was a cool backdrop.

  12. Those wheels look great on your car! What year wheels? Did you have to do anything outside of a 5 lug swap to fit them?
  13. Thanks man. The fronts are OEM Ford for a '03/'04 Mach 1 (17" X 8" stock size) the rears are AFS replicas in 17" X 9" so I could have staggered tires (245s front and 275s rear). AFS actually sells a 17" X 10" deep dish version that I kick myself for not getting.

    At 26-27 lbs a piece, the wheels are tanks. They look cool though, LOL.

    I had to remove the quad shocks and the fronts rub at full steering lock, but otherwise they clear fine.
  14. The Mach 1 wheels are one of my favorite factory wheels on a fox. I've never seen one look bad with a set of those.
  15. Still lookin sexy as F**K!!! ;)

  16. Currently... Mad dash to finish repairs and engine bay refresh before my trip out to see @SVT32VDOHC in a week!



  17. Just because:p
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  18. Did you powder coat the intake?