Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Where can i get those wheels? they look awesome on your car!
  2. Thanks man! Used to be, you could buy them in 17 x 8 from Ford Racing or any of the Mustang supply places. They seem to be disappearing these days. I believe AFS Wheels (based out of California, I think), still sells a replica in 17 x 9 and 17 x 10.5.
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  3. Looks more like true blue then sonic blue ?
  4. I had a true blue 01. This car is almost identical, so I'd have to agree
  5. heres mine nothing to crazy and i need new wheels and tires, plus i want to redo the suspension full disk with coilovers.

    fox7.jpg fox.jpg
  6. Is your door open or that thing has been in an accident?!
  7. Yeah the door was slightly open in that pic. For a door to be off that much a car would have had to been smacked pretty hard.
  8. Last pic of the Shocker. The buyer picked it up today.

  9. :poo: happens, but its what you gotta do to get through life. Even if it means getting rid of one of your toys, so be it. That being said, i hope you made a nice chunk of change from that. I could see paying 18 or 20k for that easy.
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  10. here it sits

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  11. He sold it as a roller I believe. That car turn key is a 40,000$ car all day long, maybe more!
  12. Sad to see it go, but wait till that 2015 fills its space in the garage!
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  13. My garage is swept out and waiting on my '15 too :banana:
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  14. Waiting on the post where there's a blower on it a month later
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  15. I put the over/under @ 30days. I'll take the under. Lol
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  16. Waiting on the post where its the first '15 mustang in the 9 second range.
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  17. I am waiting to see the build thread where he takes out the IRS and puts in a 9" rear.
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  18. Yeah, I'm glad the car enabled me to handle these issues which popped up. It sucked to sell it, but it was gratifying to know that I was able to take care of my family at crunch time. The good news is, selling the '89 as a roller actually took care of all of my financial crises which popped up, so I have parts left over which I can use for a future project or sell to make money for a "rainy day." So the Shocker lives on, in a way.
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  19. The biggest thing in my eyes is you took care of your priorities first there's always another project etc like you said . That's what men do !