Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Starting all over again...

  2. cut some 4x4's and put on the pedals... lol nice ride!
  3. True that would work. LOL She really has no ambition to drive it. She grew up riding in it and had a ball when she was a baby. But since I made it fast, she and my wife are both somewhat scared of it. They say it's no fun anymore.

    Women :shrug:
  4. Good luck with this build... are you going to keep this one under $100k? Your last ride was over the top!
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  5. :thinking: :suicide:
    Fortunately it isn't a big deal (Broken cam gear, 1 intake valve, 2 exhaust valves) but damn this is getting old lmao!:fuss:
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  6. fckn A man...
  7. I finally gave it a much needed cleaning and it looked like this ..
    But then I had to go and do this ..
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  8. Thanks. Yep, this one is gonna be simple. Here's the $1500 drivetrain. LOL!!

  9. Here's mine. I installed the Saleen Sc wheels new tires last night. I'm not sure if I really like em, but couldn't beat the price

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  10. I like em a lot! They look really good
  11. At the fords unlimited show today

    And sob its upside down, stupid phone...will fix once I get home

    alright, should be fixed

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  12. Looks good man! I just figured you lived in an upside down world lol
  13. Sure as hell feels like it sometimes
  14. I know that's right!
  15. Not my Mustang this time but it does sit next to it in the garage.:D Most "fun" Family car my wife and I have owned since we bought the Mustang new 26 years ago. Ecoboost, 6speed tranny, independent suspension, and 19" wheels and tires make for a fun, great handing ride.
    2013 Escape
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  16. I think the escape is a very attractive vehicle now. I'm glad they got away from trying to make it look like an F150.
  17. Got her into the garage and started to year down the front end
    Got the hood off and the broken headlight out, the damage is starting to reveal itself...
    Got the car up, wheels off and fender wells out so I could take the fenders and bumper cover off, finding damage from my previous incidents and the latest one
    Got the fenders off and the bumper cover off, discovered that the ac condenser took a pretty good hit but the radiator is OK, the whole ac system needed to be replaced anyway
    Model and features tag from the factory, just an interesting find
  18. 604 CI, 48 valve, 645 HP... Not including the motorcycles in there.

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  19. Dipped my grille and hatch emblem and put red ford letters on them uploadfromtaptalk1407718584334.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1407718596545.jpg

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