Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. If you plug your phone into your computer via USB, it will show up just like a flash drive. You can navigate to the folder in your phone where your pictures are and just pull them right into a folder on your computer. I do it all the time with my Droid Charge. Works pretty well. All your pictures are saved to the trans-flash card in your phone, so you can just take that out of your X and put it in your Bionic.
  2. hmm i just found what im gonna be doin for the rest of the afternoon, now how do i post a build thread???
  3. When you are in 5.0 Talk, go to the top right of the page. Just to the left of your Avatar (or in your case, a question mark) is a button that says "Post New Thread". Click that and you're good to go.
  4. Will a mod add it to the official progress thread section ... i guess that was my real question
  5. If you ask them, sure.
  6. Let's see what your progress is like first. ;)
  7. grr my phone is not letting me swap pics over its not even pulling it up as a usb drive, do i need it turned on in order for it to work, its charging now soo
  8. yes
  9. ok im putting my thread together now, calling it project lonestar so do i just use the embedded links from photobucket?
  10. Use the "IMG" link.
  11. AGHHHHH i was almost done and i hit backspace thinking i was deleting a word and i was go back a page and it ended up deleting my thread ughh ef this im gonna try it again tomorrow but i got it all on how to do it, just have to go ahead and do it thanks yall for your help and keep a lookout for my project thread, PROJECT LONESTAR
  12. Was just going back through this thread for the fun of it and I had to repost this. LMAO!! This just looks bad! Sorry to the owner of this car but man this is awful. My wife even laughed at it. :lol:


    k, I'm done. :)
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  14. Holy Mother of god.
    That looks pretty badass
  15. Finally got my new/used OEM bumper painted. I will post a thread shortly. This is before I did any final work... not too shabby for a garage job. :shrug:


  16. yup im pretty sure i remember ya......yes i will be there ...looking forward to seeing your notch!
  17. Did it rain in your garage?
  18. I had the car outside while I was painting the rear bumper. Then, of course, in the PNW it rained. Really.... are you really shocked?

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