Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. haha Thanks, and I agree, I kinda like it but at the same time I want it painted ASAP.
  2. here ya go. got the car back out on the road today...thanks to all at stangnet. photo 3.JPG
    photo 4.JPG
  3. What cammedcoupe said, and when it needs it I go with a fine scratch polish to take the swirls marks out being black and all.
  4. IMO the Saleen front bumper cover is the sweetest looking one for our cars. And dang does that sit low!
  5. Yea I agree, its just so sleek and smooth, but stylish. It's on coilovers all around, not exactly bolt on and go though.
  6. Car looks great dude!! What color is that and always liked those roh zs
  7. thanks...the car was a factory reef blue gt with grey lower. it was all repainted reef blue when the hood, front bumper cover and spoiler were put on. depending on the lighting, it can look anywhere from teal to dark blue.
    wish i had a vert! maybe next time. nice car and a clean set of pony wheels is tough to beat!
  8. i agree...i bought my car it already had the stalker front cover but i'm not a big fan of it. it's kind of "busy" for me and i prefer the understated look of the saleen cover. awesome car..the wheels set it off.
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  9. Mines been looking the same for a long time, im thinking of going back to stock hood, have it painted (dark shadow blue) and get 10th anniversary deep dish wheels.

  10. If you keep the hood pin it before it flush up on ya ! nice car ... and I hate pins but I even did mine

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  11. ^^ What he said, I hate pins but it's a necessary evil.
  12. my auto correct sucks ass ..... flush up like a toilet !

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  13. Apparently my head gasket decided I needed to do a GT-40 top end sooner than I had planned.
  14. i went without hoodpins for 6 years on my current gt. But after a couple hood latch failures saves by the stock hood safety hook i went with hoodpins. Now im use to the way they look i actually even like the look! and when im running the car i look at my gauges more instead of watching the hood.
    BTW atey950 car looks great!!
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  15. Cars in a different state..... But I have the motor!!!!! Seriously just meed to go pic up the car and throw this in

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  16. Dig the Calypso green
  17. newskool : aww man that sucks, my honda accord just blew head gasket im gonna tare it down this week.

    toolow91 : i have the stock latches on it at the moment, is there issue with them on fiberglass hoods?
  18. Yes even enough cervini are reinforced which I can't tell if yours is , the pressure over time rips the latch section out and the hood flies up on the highway ... do a search of hoods popping up and the after math

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  19. IMAG0155.jpg

    Bought some Eibachs, going to drop the front and leave the rear.