Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  2. Beautiful!
  3. love it !!

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  4. whiskey_opt.jpg
    Last Saturday at the Whiskey Cafe.
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  5. Somerset car show, car seemed like it had a lot of lookers throughout the day.
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  6. Why wouldn't it? The car is beautiful.
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  7. Horsham Day car show IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3542.JPG
  8. man if it wasn't dark out I would posta pic of my car right now but im gunna have to wait.
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  9. I missed the end of your thread but I'm glad you decided to keep her! (if you still are) One of my favorite foxes here.
  10. 7AAC6F05-AEF4-4AEC-9DE4-65D486C562A0-10051-000007CF8AE727A3_zpsf1bd3302.jpg

    Getting alignment done.
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  11. Thanks for the comments. Well it's still up in the air - I've had it for sale for two weeks now and no serious buyers (everyone around here I talk to only wants to spend $4500 on a Fox). I'm not going to give it away, so if I keep it I'll put on a S-trim like I've always wanted to do.
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  12. well my fox is all shined up for a photo shoot tonight ill post pics in the AM.
  13. ill try and post a pic in the am our photo shoot got cancelled the photographer didnt make it in time from tucson.

  14. why on the rear?

    Im confused
  15. Details please
  16. Unless he has IRS I think they just use the rears as a marking point on the machine to make sure the whole car is symmetrical

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  17. IMG_20130608_132436_682_zps1c30b1d9.jpg

    Chugging along on the wiring just sent out the injectors to be rebuilt not much longer and I'll be posting a video of startup!